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Tag: forms

How can I put validation in react, that if I have choose an option from a drop down, then that option will be disable in the other drop down menu

I am designing a form in react in which I have two categories of dropdown. one is named as “What include” and the other is “What is not include”. Now I want that if the user to select any option from the menu of “What Include”, then that option(item) will be disabled in the other drop-down named “What not Include”.

Using HTML and Javascript to make a concrete supplies calculator – Takes a value of both ____m3 and a select option (mpa) to give a total price

This is my first time asking a question on Stack Overflow so apologies if I get something wrong. I am currently building a web calculator for a concrete company. Here are the details of the inputs: There is a form with the following inputs: Input 1: Cubic Meters (m3) Input 2: Strength Input 1 takes a value between 0.1 m3

Javascript: How to compare against substring in PDF forms?

I am trying to use some Javascript in a PDF form. As an example, let’s say I have two fields: let’s call them TextField1 and TextField2. These fields can be used independently, but when TextField1 has a certain value, I’d like TextField2 prefilled. This works fine (triggered onBlur, not that it matters): My problem is this: How can I compare

Prevent a Form Input value from being submitted in the form

I’m working on a form that askes the user what kind of “samples” of countertops they like. Here is the page: I’m using Webflow CMS and some jQuery to automatically name the checkboxes that toggle whether or not they like certain samples. To make it easier for the company to see what’s been checked, I’m trying to prevent all

JS Onchange display value before processing

I have a form with a select input element. After the user selects an option, I check that option chosen. If it is bigger than I expected, I bring up an alert box asking the user if they’re sure they selected the right option. This is just a warning, so I don’t reset the value or prevent the user from