Why do I get wrong, doubled input value on keyup when typing fast?

When one is typing slowly “a” & “b” the above code will result in “a”, “b” in the console log. But the problem is when somebody does it quickly. The result then is “ab”, “ab”. It’s easier to repeat this situation with letters which are near on a keyboard e.g. “e” & “r”. How to avoid it? Events keydown and keypress does not suffer from this problem of quick-typist, but they are also fire to early. Result: returned value of an input does not contain the last typed letter when they occur. Or maybe there is a way to get

Logic for multiple and single select/combo boxes

Below is my code: When select-box or combo-box is looped for ten times then I am getting form[“city”] length as 10 properly and behaviour of alerts within combox-box is appropriate, but if I have a single-select-box, then instead of giving form[“city”] length as 1 it gives it as 4 which is the number of option elements in my dropdown-box. So my logic doesn’t work here. How do I make it work for both single as well as multiple combo/select boxes. Any help would be appreciated. Answer Please use a javascript library like jQuery for cross-browser compatibility. You can use the

Javascript disabling Div element on submit

The code below just hides the movie that I am playing behind. Remove element (if possible) or disable it, specially movie playing in background. I tried using document.video.disabled=true; but its not working. Any idea how to go around this problem please? Answer Try

Google Apps Script validation issue in Google UiApp

I have been trying to figure out Google Apps Script validation in Google Sites and have yet to make the validation part work correctly. I need to validate 2 things: That there is at least 5 characters in the “location” textbox (up to 100) That a date has been selected from the dropdown If both conditions are not met, then it should make visible 2 things: warnException warnExceptionMes That’s it. The rest of my logic is working great. I am just starting out. The full logic is listed below. I have replaced our domain info with xxxxxxxxx. So far, it

Call a function “dynamically” in JS with something like

I’m trying to learn how to dynamically create objects and apply functions to them with JS and HTML. How can I use a <select> dropdown’s text/value to call a function on an object as directly as possible? In the past I’ve used functions in an array, if then statement, or conditional chain but this seems like extra work. I’m open to suggestions on dynamic object instance creation as well because I’m not sure my method in this example is best practice. Here is my example: HTML JS Description: I can create a new object instance of myClass dynamically by typing

Add Event Listener not Connecting to Button

I am trying to click a button, that will then change the display of overlay on my page to none. In the console it is telling me that, startButton.addEventListener is not a function. Can someone help me find the bug? Answer Get your button with getElementById, it works

How to count the JSON object and on the basis of count take the same output

How to count the JSON object and on the basis of count take the same output First I would like the count after it on the basis of count. I want same output like input. for Count:- for output :- Can anybody help me please? Answer

Dealing with touchMove events in iOS and Ember

I’m adding iOS support to an Ember application which uses Flame.js. Most Flame.js widgets don’t have built-in support for touch events at the moment, so I’m working on adding it to the ones I need. I’ve got touchStart and touchEnd working just fine for clicking and certain state transitions. However, touchMove has been a mess so far. I need it for dragging, and to do that I need to track where the movement began and where it is. So far I haven’t been able to get all that information consistently from touchMove. Various resources suggest that I should be looking

How to tell if dragged contents is text or files during Javascript dragenter event

Using the dragenter event I show a dropzone on the webpage to have dropped files upload quickly, and it all works well. However, the dropzone also pops up when dragging selected text. How to tell the difference early on? I know that the drop event exposes all file contents to be iterated using dataTransfer.files, but that’s too late. I need it at dragenter, only I see the files array to be empty at all times. I need full control over look & feel I am not looking for an existing lib. I can see different values for event.dataTransfer.Clipboard.effectAllowed when dragging