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Tag: dom-events

Prevent Event Listener firing event multiple times

I am using this event listener to fire an event which basically updates my state of Interval in a useEffect and enabling me to go up and down in my table. The up and down approach working fine for me but its firing the event multiple times. This multiple times firing of event causing the top and down events works

Does the event `invalid` only fire once?

I tried to hook into the invalid event for numeric input (which is required), and while the invalid event fires right on loading the page (as all the cells are empty), it does not refire if one fills an input field and removes its content or inputs a letter instead of a number. But I could not find anything indicating

pointerdown vs onclick: what is the difference?

What is the difference between the onpointerdown and onclick event handlers? Are there any practical differences? Are the events not propagated the same up the DOM tree? Are there some devices that only respond to one of these events? I initially assumed that it is only pointerdown that is triggered in touch devices or with a pen, but onclick seems

can’t remove class after click again

I tried to color the text I clicked on by gave them a class and besides the text I click on the original color is back again, but when I click on the text twice the class can’t be removed. I use toggle class for this issue but doesn’t work. Answer Cache the main list element, and the list items,