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Getting pdf file from server, trying to display it in HTML

PDF Tried solutions from other questions For example ` ` Tried with encodeURI etc Probably tried with whole answers from other questions, nothing to help. Getting or empty white screen, or error… With atob also getting an error: angular.js:14642 DOMException: Failed to execute ‘atob’ on ‘Window’: The string to be decoded contains characters outside of the Latin1 range. Answer Hope

nodejs- Downloading pdf, error in converting using fs (file wont open)

I make an api call , and receive a response. if i write the resposne to console i see h�l�A♂�@►�ῲ7����§�t)A0輺#n�‼�J��[#:u{☼���~�8K� �M�䖒▬����↨�8♀0����S��Z♦�h∟♂i�-♫�♂◄�0…. I then try to convert it to pdf using the below, which downloads the file (a pdf) but i cannot then open the file. (We can’t open this file Something went wrong.) what am i doing wrong? also is

Javascript: How to compare against substring in PDF forms?

I am trying to use some Javascript in a PDF form. As an example, let’s say I have two fields: let’s call them TextField1 and TextField2. These fields can be used independently, but when TextField1 has a certain value, I’d like TextField2 prefilled. This works fine (triggered onBlur, not that it matters): My problem is this: How can I compare

Arabic Text issue with PDFKit plugin

To generate dynamic PDF files, I’m using PDFKit. The generation works fine, but I’m having trouble displaying arabic characters, even after installing an arabic font. Also, Arabic text is generated correctly, but I believe the word order is incorrect. As an example, I’m currently using pdfkit: “0.11.0” Text: مرحبا كيف حالك ( Hello how are you ) Font: Amiri-Regular.ttf OUTPUT:

Select Text within ’embed’ for pdf document

I am attempted to scrape information off a website which apparently uses an ’embed’ to display a pdf window. The code is very simple and I’ve found a method for sending the information. If I ‘ctrl + a’ the pdf window, it will select everything. At which point, I can now send the information as needed through a message. My