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Tag: wordpress

Include jQuery Core in Theme Folder and Enqueue to Footer

I have used the below for many years to move jQuery to the footer. But instead of loading the version shipped with WP (or ClassicPress too) I will download the latest version here to my theme folder. So how do I now change the wp_register_script above to call a local version like ‘assets/js/jquery-3.6.1.js’? Haven’t been able to find any

Google Fonts German GDPR IP Address

I (or a lot of German people) need your help. In Germany, more and more website operators are receiving a legal letter with a warning and are supposed to pay around €170. The problem is that it doesn’t stop there, which means that if you pay the €170, someone else can come right away and warn you again. It’s about

Creating an extension js inclusion problem

I am creating a small plugin with JS animation. In my plugin, I created an index.php file for my shortcode, functions.php to call my JS code and a JS file for the animation. Anyway my shortcode works, but not the animation So I called all these files in my console, it seems to tell me that I don’t have an

Receiving data in php via AJAX (inside WordPress)

I have a php function that needs to receive data via AJAX. This is my code: Javascript php The issue is that the searchstring from the AJAX call is not received inside the php function (the received string is empty). Can anybody help me? Answer well your main problem is that none of the data you are sending via ajax

How to make active button color in jquery?

This is the code I use in Elementor to make a custom tab section. All thing is working but my active tab does not show any active color. I want to make tab active color like the navigation menu active color. Answer you can create class “active-button” and add to your element when get actives. } and when other buttons

Read More functionality code is not working as expected

I have a problem with the “read more” functionality I have implemented into my website. The code is working fine but only after two times of pressing the read more button created with the code. This code works when it detects the Wordpress read more tag on the text field in the backend and splits the text into two parts.