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Stop requesting a script from loading in HTML-file

I am trying to stop a script from loading in HTML on my Wordpress website. In my HTML file I can see these two scripts: <script type=”0f1a6d7ca503db410c0d10c4-text/javascript” src=’https://www.[———–].se/wp-content/plugins/theme-my-login/assets/scripts/theme-my-login.min.js?ver=7.1.2′ id=’theme-my-login-js’></script> <script type=”0f1a6d7ca503db410c0d10c4-text/javascript” src=’https://www. [———–].se/wp-content/themes/guru/framework/js/public/jquery.smartresize.js?ver=5.5.2′ id=’jquery-smartresize-js’></script> In public_html/wp-content/themes/guru/framework/register_public.php I can comment out the second script and prevent it from loading to HTML by setting /* */ in the above php file: The

Search by post title wordpress without reflesh

I want to create wordpress search by title without refleshing page. New results have to be shown when more than 3 symbols are typed in search. I’ve got input with form: But when I’m typing – value of input is not changing. How can I search posts after typing 3 symbols if I cannot get input.value.length? Also how can I

jQuery anchor links toggling a menu?

I used jQuery to make a toggle menu where someone can click on different span titles to toggle between different containers of content (on the website, this toggle menu toggles between different contact forms). The menu works, but I am trying to make it so that if a user clicks an anchor link on a different page, they will be

How to add shortcode in wordpress using Javascript?

I want to put a shortcode in a WordPress website using JavaScript. Website structure is Firstly, i put div element to above wc-pr using below code. Then i tried below code. But not working. innertext is diplayed as raw, Hhtml is not showing. Please let me know how do i solve this Thank you. Answer You are creating/generating an HTML,

Need simple modification for Javascript Cookie notice wordpress plugin

I followed a tutorial to create cookie notice popup for my wordpress site, it works as expected, I’m not good at javascript, so I want after user click on X button and accept cookies, to be automatically redirected to the same page with ?ok=3 query <script>cookieLaw={dId:”cookie-law-div”,bId:”cookie-law-button”,iId:”cookie-law-item”,show:function(e){if(localStorage.getItem(cookieLaw.iId))return!1;var o=document.createElement(“div”),i=document.createElement(“p”),t=document.createElement(“button”);i.innerHTML=e.msg,,t.innerHTML=e.ok,,o.appendChild(t),o.appendChild(i),document.body.insertBefore(o,document.body.lastChild),t.addEventListener(“click”,cookieLaw.hide,!1)},hide:function(){document.getElementById(cookieLaw.dId).outerHTML=””,localStorage.setItem(cookieLaw.iId,”1″)}},{msg:”We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By continuing to visit