Angular FormBuilder US Phone Number Regex (xxx) xxx-xxxx

I am trying to write an Angular Regex validator, which matches this and only this pattern for phone, spaces exact How can this be done? Working on this Code: Trying to add the space, after the first parenthesis, not sure if correct Answer You need to Add a literal space (or s to allow any whitespace) exactly at the location where you expect it to be in the string Escape the ( char after ^ because you need to match a literal open parenthesis. Do not escape – that is outside of a character class, i.e. not inside […]. You

How to use straight and smart quotes in auto-replace script for textarea?

I’m really stuck again on how to properly combine these lines to auto-replace straight quotes into smart ones in the text area. It was working earlier, however after I added a line to fix the cursor going at the end after replacing a character. Here’s what is currently looks like: Commas, semicolon, period, em dash, and double spaces is working already.But it’s not for the quote marks. What can I do to correct these regex lines? Here’s exactly where I’m stuck: Thanks in advance Answer In your replaceText you need to distinguish when you pass a regex or a string.

How to replace all the special character who follows another character

I have a long string containing some special characters. I need to check those special characters who do not follow space and replace it with a special character and space. Example Input Output Here you can see the last < replaced with < as it follows z which is not space. Keep this in mind in the HTML the special characters are coming in entities like Regex solution will be great. Answer Description of the pattern: a ” < ” character that is not followed by a white-space

Javascript use RegEXP to remove characters between (but not including) special characters

I have a string as follows: I’m trying to get rid of the characters between the backslashes. Wanted result: I know how to remove everything except characters between two special characters WITHOUT removing the special characters. Every answer on stack includes removing them too 🙁 Answer Put the backslashes in the replacement string. Note that you need to double them to get literal backslashes because backslash is an escape prefix in string literals. This result doesn’t match the result in your example, but that’s because it doesn’t match your description of what you want to do. I implemented the description.

Regex to select words with spaces for subsititution

I have string in JS which where I need to add ‘ to the values. Example: task: task one, client: Mr jhon will be converted to task:’task one’, client: ‘Mr Jhon’ Think of these string as user entered search query. This is then sent to the backed for the searching. The values need to be enclosed in ‘ Complexities taskname: one two three, client: Mr Jhon there can be more than 2 words taskname: one two, client: Mr Jhon more than 1 space taskname:one,client: Mr Jhon can be singe word without space priority:1,groupname: Mr Singh the name of can be

Dynamically replace data based on matched RegEx JavaScript

I have a dynamic template string, similar to the following: I also have an object like so: How do I replace each template variable with the value presented in an object where the key is the text in the braces. For example: I have tried the following: The code above replaces all instances of text in curly braces with undefined. I have looked at multiple StackOverflow questions, but none have addressed this issue. Answer Luckily, replace() allows to use a callback:

Negative lookahead RegEx limited to an exact number of characters

How can I limit a negative lookahead RegEx to an exact number of characters? For example, this sentence should be denied… This car is not that fast! while this one should be allowed… The car you are about to see may not be that fast, but it’s very beautiful! The RegEx should match any sentence that contains the word ‘car’, except the ones that include the word ‘not’ in the following 10 characters. This is the case of the first sentence, where there are only 4 characters in between the ‘car’ and ‘not’ words. So this sentence should be denied.

Regex for Extracting the Country Name

What regular expression would extract the country name when used with any of the lines below? I’ve got a dropdown with all of these as choices and I’m trying to extract the country only, but I’m failing miserably since JavaScript doesn’t seem to support lookbehinds and I have no idea how to exclude the emoji part otherwise. (Not to mention that special characters such as that Ã… in Ã…land Islands don’t make it any easier.) Thanks! Answer Maybe, might return the country names in the capturing group $1. Using lookaround, we can likely write some expression similar to: which we

Is it possible to interpolate Javascript regex match in a string template?

For example… (this fails) Is there a way to make this sort of thing work? $1 is available when it’s used in a string, but not as a key. Answer Unfortunately no, you’ll have to use a replacer function instead: Also note that you can use d instead of [0-9] instead, it makes the regex a bit nicer to read. If you don’t actually need the second group for something special, you can just echo back the match in the object:

Regex for matching HashTags in any language

I have a field in my application where users can enter a hashtag. I want to validate their entry and make sure they enter what would be a proper HashTag. It can be in any language and it should NOT precede with the # sign. I am writing in JavaScript. So the following are GOOD examples: Abcde45454_fgfgfg (good because: only letters, numbers and _) 2014_is-the-year (good because: only letters, numbers, _ and -) בר_רפ×לי (good because: only letters and _) арбуз (good because: only letters) And the following are BAD examples: Dan Brown (Bad because has a space) OMG!!!!! (Bad