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Text flows out of input after next event is fired if input is focued

While building a basic application, when I click a button, the text inside my currently focused input overflows only in Chrome. However, that text can be accessed using (right) arrow key(s). Is there any way to avoid this? I tried clipboard copy-paste but that did not work. Live site: Code on Github: Answer The problem comes from this

Display output with a string character and with an input?

I have two things that relate to adding a character to the output view. Pronouns – Right now, it is hidden until someone types in their preferred pronoun. It’ll output her/she if that’s what they put, but I would like to do ‘(‘ + “her/she” + ‘)’; 2.The output is hidden until someone types a number. I would like to

input type number – max value

I have an input However, if the user write manually for example 200, the input accept it. Is it something normal ? I can validate the entry with javascript but if there is a build in in the html input it would be great 🙂 Thanks Answer I don’t think there is a solution directly with HTML; the max and