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Tag: ecmascript-6

Regex – Extract the first word from a string

I want to parse the text below: Recipient Name: Tracy Chan SKU: 103990 I want to extract “Tracy” only, the first word after “Recipient Name:” as the first name So I got as far as /(?<=Recipient Name: )(.*)(?= SKU)/gm but it only gives me “Tracy Chan”…. Using the ECMA option in Regex101… Appreciate any help on this. Thanks, Tracy Answer

What is the NodeJS ES6 equivalent of let PouchDB = require(‘pouchdb’)?

I am trying to follow the tutorial at to use PouchDB inside of a server-side NodeJS script. and I’m getting stuck in Step 1: const PouchDB = require(‘pouchdb’); this results in: ReferenceError: require is not defined in ES module scope, you can use import instead When I google the error, I am told to change “type”:”module” to “type”:”commonjs”. Unfortunately,

array.every() works on only first element

I have an array I need a function call to be looped on every element of array, but somehow after executing function for first element ‘shippingError’, the loop stops. Below is the function call And the function that is executed It sometimes, works on array element, but mostly stops after first element, Am I missing something, please help I expect

target child div of ID in JavaScript and CSS

I’m having difficulty targeting the child div of id=”videoContainer” and changing its style Answer You can use querySelector with the direct child operator > (and maybe first with :first-child if you have more than one child div) like this: object-fit: contain will force you video to scale into its parent. You may want to use cover or else. For more

How are IIFEs useful post ES6?

I’m learning JavaScript and I understand the general function types, closures, etc. But with IIFEs my initial reaction was “if its immediately invoked, why not just inline it”. So I went and read this article that describes “4 Practical Use Cases” for IIFEs. However, two of which are related to circumventing the scoping issues that come with vars (which are

Having trouble displaying object property

I’m building a small pokedex using PokeAPI. I’m retrieving data from an endpoint and building my own object. The function that I’ve built for the latter runs on page load as follows: I’m able to console log the object and traverse it in devtools, and also able to JSON stringify it and display within html. But whenever I try to