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Tag: ecmascript-6

Filter an array nested within an object

I was able to find many sources saying how to filter nested arrays, but all of these referred to arrays within arrays. In my case, there’s an array nested within an object and I can’t figure out how to deal with it. The source array is: How to filter the nested array so that the resulting object looks like: So,

PostMessage Issues Using IFrame in JS

I have two buttons that work differently. The first one is when you click the reload button, it should reload the page. The second one is when you click it, it will show the alert on the page. I’m using postMessage because its inside the iframe. I’m not sure why the two buttons are not working but I already implemented

Show and Hide Condition in React

I have a simple problem here which I can’t figure out. I wanted to hide menus depending on the condition. For example if status contains at least one “Unlinked”. “All unlinked images” menu should appear. I did used .some and I wonder why it doesn’t return a boolean. Codesandbox is here Click here Answer The methods do return a boolean.