work on each td each one apart inside tr loop when loading data from json file

I created a code to convert json data to html table using javascript and ajax: (column 1 is text, column 2 is link, column 4 is image link) Data: This is the code, it work well, but on the table result, I want to hide column 2 and put the link in column 2 in an anchor in column 1 so the Title become clickable link, and put the image link on column 4 into src so the picture shown on the cell. Answer Instead of iterating through the cells, if you know the position of the columns in the

AJAX POST Form Always posts Data from the first record in the list

I found this issue is related to my AJAX posting method. If I post this form using the standard method (action=””) it works fine it polulates my database according to which record I select in the list to post. But when I use the AJAX Post method it will only poplulate the values with the first record on the SQL Results list. I made my input fields visible and all the posted content is unique and as expected. Below is the full code. Answer $(‘.name’).val()` is the value of the first element with that class. You need to select the

How do I get the text from a textbox into a variable that is being sent through an AJAX ‘POST’ request?

I want the text from the ‘txtDATE’ textbox into the variable press_date. The current AJAX post is working perfectly. (except that it’s static and I want the variable). I have been searching for answers and trying everything all day. Any help is appreciated. Answer In place of: You should be able to use: I would also consider placing a ClientIDMode=”Static” attribute for the text box as this would prevent the server side code from re-naming the txtDATE text box by the server side system. And this will ensure that the jquery selector $(‘#txtDATE’) will be able to reference a un-changed

How to I save checkbox value with ajax in laravel?

I’m trying to save the value of the check box in laravel. I can save all the text fields and all the code works. When I try to save the value of the checkbox the code breaks. Here is what I’ve tried. All the help is appreciated. Here is my controller I’ve Here is my HTML Here is my script Answer try this

Match key/values in JSON object

I have a school project where we are learning JSON. What I am trying to do is figure out how I can match keys with other keys that exist in another object property. I’m using an old api to pull nfl player information. Here is an example of the url to pull the data: I’m using AJAX to call the data and stringify the results into a table. Here is a fiddle of what I am doing: If you notice the results, I have the stats property separated out in its own column, but it is still in

post html form results to api as json

I want to submit a form and have the values sent to the api in json format and save the response in a variable. When i try this using the below code i get an ‘Internal Server Error’ message. The parameters the api takes are ‘season’, ‘num_teachers’, ‘num_students’. Once it has all the parameters it will send a result response back. How can i send my form results to the api and get back the response? Answer I don’t know why you using a jQuery plugin to send form in Ajax, totally useless. Replace your function by that one. Remove

JavaScript runtime error: ‘[MethodName]’ is undefined

I’m trying to use jQuery and AJAX to validate that users entered a number in a particular field and that they didn’t leave it blank and I’m a little confused as to why I can seem to do one, but not the other. I’m doing this in a jQuery change() function so any time they change the value in that field, it updates it in the database without refreshing the whole page and it works fine until I try to use isNull() to validate. I’m saving their input to a variable called UserInput and first checking to make sure it’s

Get large amount of data using ajax

I have the following ajax code which am using to get the user details from the server. Am generating the html table from the server side and return the structure as a string. This works fine but i get undefined when user records are too many. What is limitation of data that can be passed in ajax ? Is there an alternative i can use to generate html table in the client side ? Answer The problem was caused by the request timeout but not the size of the data. Since I was using ajax updatepanel in aspx project I

Dynamic textbox creation with db using ajax/javascript/php

I have two tables. company_details and company_specials. Each company_details can have multiple specials. I display the company details at The first row and fourth row that has the 0 in the active column is from company_details and the rows below are from company_specials. Currently the code allows for dynamic modification of the company_details rows as denoted by the compid in that table. However i would like to have the rows below it to be dynamically modified as well but it’s using the same compid and i’m not sure how to separate them in the code. Code below is the

load scripts asynchronously

I am using several plugins, custom widgets and some other libraries from JQuery. as a result I have several .js and .css files. I need to create a loader for my site because it takes some time to load. it will be nice if I can display the loader before importing all the: I have found several tutorials that enable me to import a JavaScript library asynchronously. for example I can do something like: for some reason when I do the same thing for all my files the pages does not work. I have been trying for so long to