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Tag: ajax

JavaScript not working inside HTML Ajax loaded content

I am having an issue when trying to run JavaScript inside an Ajax loaded content on a webpage. I keep getting an error “Cannot set properties of null”. If I move the output of the script to the footer for example which is outside of the Ajax loaded content, the script works fine. This is the piece of code where

Change meta title based on url #id

I have a static html website. Our server does not support php/c# etc… Can JS / JQuery / Ajax or others do the following: If the url is: Https:// , the meta title will be e.g. “home page”. Https:// , the meta title will be to “new meta title” Https:// , the meta title will be e.g. “a different title”

Get an ID just created without reloading the page

Here is a div that I append in AJAX with a script (at the bottom of the TWIG file) : If I then click on the freshly appended button, it returns an error because the ID “” is still 0 until I reload the page and the ID gets found… Is there a way to trigger the for loop without