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Tag: ajax

Change button value on ajax success

I want to be able to change the value of the button from “Submit” to “Submitted” when ajax succeeds. This works np. But I want it to work when the button is not clicked…In other words the button value “submit” should get changed to “Submitted” when ajax succeeds without the need to click the button again. Any help would be

create onclick event for multiple ids

I have written a js function: Problem is, since I have more clickable objects with various IDs, i wanted to create a single script/function that would accept onclick event from not only #id1, but also #id2, #id3 etc… I tried following advice found here: and here but whenever I would edit the code to acomodate my code structure,

How to use same php function for different button clicks

Here is a simple PHP form with a button.. Here is the Jquery functions which executes a PHP file. And the test.php is as follows, My question is how to modify my test.php if I have multiple buttons. As an example, Result should be, Update: What If I need to run three different php functions(no any pattern)? Answer In here

Search by post title wordpress without reflesh

I want to create wordpress search by title without refleshing page. New results have to be shown when more than 3 symbols are typed in search. I’ve got input with form: But when I’m typing – value of input is not changing. How can I search posts after typing 3 symbols if I cannot get input.value.length? Also how can I