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“cover” property bugging the background

I am having a problem with covering the background in CSS. Before: Image Before After: Image After Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Answer You cannot have cover alone in the background property. You are obliged to define the position as well: Or add background-size: cover Related: Error: CSS: background: / is an incorrect operator

How to convert URL into HTML in JavaScript?

I want a HTML document of an URL I have URL like and I want the HTML block of the page of URL. How can I achieve this in JavaScript I read that Java has method like IOUtils.toString to do the same. can somebody suggest me how to do this or what is the method in JavaScript as in

Load inline JS after page load

I want to load an inline JavaScript after the page has fully loaded. The reason is, that the scripts loads an external JS file which I don’t want to block the rendering of the page. This is the whole code: I know that I could maybe use $(document).ready. But I don’t know how. Answer The reason is, that the scripts

Reappear bubbles js and css

I’m trying to solve this problem, but I’m giving up and I’m here to see if you can give me some hints. I made this bubble effect in which when I touch each bubble it pops, but I can’t get the bubbles to reappear after a few seconds (as if they were new bubbles). I leave the code here below:

How do I add multiple tables without writing them 1 by 1

I try to find small real life problems and attempt to write code to make my life easier, one of them being a search-table simple program that sorts data based on user input. And my question is, is there a more efficient way to import data rather than having to write. like 1000 times? I would appreciate guidance rather than

Javascript and HTML defer tag not working

The Javascript function below works perfectly when at the bottom of html file. However, I need it in main.js file. It has been suggested that adding the defer tag to the script tag will enable this but unfortunately not. It prints the first console.log but then stops. Any suggestions? Answer There are two methods to have your code executed after