Google Apps Script validation issue in Google UiApp

I have been trying to figure out Google Apps Script validation in Google Sites and have yet to make the validation part work correctly. I need to validate 2 things: That there is at least 5 characters in the “location” textbox (up to 100) That a date has been selected from the dropdown If both conditions are not met, then it should make visible 2 things: warnException warnExceptionMes That’s it. The rest of my logic is working great. I am just starting out. The full logic is listed below. I have replaced our domain info with xxxxxxxxx. So far, it

Google Script – get data from Gmail into Sheet

I have been looking around here on SO and on Google, but I cannot find anything that is working. So when I am running my code below, I am getting the result on the image. I want to extract data from the newest/most recent thread in mails that have a specific label. However, in my Gmail, I only have the 3 mails under “Action”-label that I have highlighted in bold. The other mails have been deleted, hence, they are in trash, but do still have the “Action” label. I want to only show the mails that I have “Action”-label on