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Tag: google-apps-script

Sum of Elements in 2D array

I have a 2d array and was able to pass it from to JavaScript. The next thing I want to do is to sum all elements or numbers example in column 2. I’ve seen this code while searching online but it add all elements in the array. I don’t know how to personalize it to meet my needs. `

Tabular data manipulation in Google Apps Script

I’d like to be able to import data from different spreadsheets, do some arbitrarily complex operations on it programmatically (filtering, averaging, removing/adding columns, etc) and then save it back to the main spreadsheet. I’m already able to import data from other spreadsheets, but I am currently manipulating it with loops as arrays of arrays (low level operations). In python I

How to get the number of word occurrences in a 2D array?

I’ve found a solution that gives the correct result when the word is at the same index, within each of the array elements, but in the case below, the term/word searched can be anywhere in the element (beginning or end). Expected result: Here’s the attempt using the solution above: Appreciate your help! Answer So: basically the same as Louys Patrice

FileReader not defined in Apps Script

I am trying to use FileReader.readDataAsUrl() to send a blob object in a JSON file. But I keep getting the error Reference Error: “FileReader” is not defined. Is there a way that I need to implement it since I am using Apps Script? I see an issue someone had where they set their sandbox to IFRAME and it fixed it,

How can i skip “undefined”?

I want to create a script, which will be grouping all not empty rows. But, i have problem with checking getDepth or getRange when group doesn’t exist. I get “undefined” and i can’t create easy check like “if getDepth < 0 or “undefined”” because script stopping. Few years ago i created many scripts on VBA but this Apps Scripts a