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Why does my second Ajax change selected value not work?

I have a JS function fire when my Dropdown for #Job changes. Three things are suppose to happen. First, the BusinessAreaCode selects the appropriate item. This is working. Second, I fetch the Division List to populate the DivisionCode Dropdown. This works as well. Lastly, I set the appropriate DivisionCode just like I did for BusinessAreaCode. This is not working however.

Looping elements in JSX React

In React.js documentation, I wonder how is used in JSX React. in <ul> tag, why we just put the variable listItems directly?. Because I think it will return a single array instead of <li> elements like this : how does JSX treat an array? Did I have to loop listItems manually? Thank you in advance. Answer you might want

“cover” property bugging the background

I am having a problem with covering the background in CSS. Before: Image Before After: Image After Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Answer You cannot have cover alone in the background property. You are obliged to define the position as well: Or add background-size: cover Related: Error: CSS: background: / is an incorrect operator

Updating a rails record with vanilla javascript

Is it possible to update a rails record with vanilla javascript without intercepting the data and converting it to a hash in the controller? Here is my code: If I just send the data without stringifying it, it shows up in the rails controller at user: [object, object]. In the update action I update the params like this: params[“user”] =

jQuery collapsible through toggleClass on element

I have an off canvas navigation menu (classname that is enabled via hover-over using jQuery on my Wordpress site. It is, as it should be, not visible on page load. For the mobile version, I want the same nav menu to be activated by clicking on a menu icon (that I’ve given two classes, in this order: mobile-nav-toggle show-nav-mobile). The