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Cypress select li and click on child span

I am trying to select li and click/check on span which is checkbox but, can’t do that. Here, following I tried. Here, in above code I want to select li where “abc account” and once found want to click on span which have class tree-checkbox. So, I tried. But, it says there are multiple elements found. above code find the

Get image from object and display on HTML

I want to get an image from an object in JavaScript and display it via HTML. The text parts are working fine, like the movie name etc., but I cannot see my image. The only thing I see is black_adam.jpg as text. The image is in the same folder as my index.html. I tried to add a slash in front

Jquery sort div based on multiple conditions

I have this short bit of code to sort / ascend div by number. But I want to add other conditions to sort by. Right now, it’s only sorting it just based on points class. But I want it to also apply conditions on times and combine with points. Generally these divs sort ascend from large number to low number.

Try to hide a class when “mouseleve”?

I try to solve a problem. I have a video player on my website. I want to manipulate some classes i created like the navigation bar on the bottom of the video. The video player has a navigation bar. I want to hide the navigation bar when my mouse is not above the video: I try to move hide the