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Accessing a common property in a factory function

Say I want to have a counter in a factory function that counts the number of objects that were made, I can do it as such: What this shows, is that the counter property is being saved and edited on the foo function object. But foo.counter is undefined. So my question is: Where is the property being saved and how

How to toggle colors in list in Vue?

I have a tree-view component: my not working script: I just want to toggle the item’s color, which I choosed, that is when I click an item(im my code this item has @click event) I want to this item change its color to another, but its huge problem to me to turn back previous item to initial color. Ive struggled

react components not rendering with routes

I am using the latest version of react router. When I am using routes in my component, They are not rendering anything but When I remove the routes and use simply the component they are working fine. Not able to understand what is going wrong This do not work and is not rendering anything on “/” or http://localhost:3000/ This is

How to use same php function for different button clicks

Here is a simple PHP form with a button.. Here is the Jquery functions which executes a PHP file. And the test.php is as follows, My question is how to modify my test.php if I have multiple buttons. As an example, Result should be, Update: What If I need to run three different php functions(no any pattern)? Answer In here

Vue-Router URL from external source always redirects to “/”

I am running Vue 2 directly off the Vue dev server. I am trying to enter a vue route (vue-router) from an external url. For some reason I don’t know, vue-router always redirects my request and handles it as if it comes from “/”, which automatically redirects to “/login” I found a similiar questions here ( but there is no

Format phone number in Javascript

I need to format phone number for example by replace(): From: +48 XX XXX XX XX where X is a number. Example: +48 12 345 67 89 To: +48 XXX XXX XXX Example: +48 123 456 789 Edit: My work: First, I tried to remove the spaces in string: phone.replace(‘ ‘, ”);: Before: +48 12 312 31 23 After: +4812

Crating a type of array of multiple objects

I want to create a type for an array of objects. The array of objects can look like this: the type i am trying to use is: Then i want to use the type like this: but i get this error: I can do something like this: but lets say my array of object will have 100 objects in the

Displaying a concat array in an HTML element

I have multiple arrays that have been combined depending on user response. The only problem I have at this point is getting this final array to show up in the text field for the end user to see. Thanks for all the potential help! I have narrowed the problem to either the write function or the generate function. The booleans