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Set a range to uppercase in sheets APP SCRIPT

I want to create a script that I will have in a menu that gets the range “A1:C” and uppercases it. The problem is that throws an error “TypeError: values.toUpperCase is not a function” trying to use toUpperCase(). Got the following code: Im pretty new to JS and sheets api. I feel dumb because it looks like something simple. EDIT

How to ensure that `self.skipWaiting()` works while allowing POST requests in service worker’s fetch event

I’ve noticed that my service worker doesn’t respond to self.skipWaiting() when there are still tasks to be run. In my service worker’s fetch event, I see various Firebase polls that use HTTP POST requests. If I handle these requests in the service worker like so: Then self.skipWaiting() always works as expected. However, if I do the following: Then self.skipWaiting() seems

How do I get Javascript to track my score increments?

I am making a basic Rock Paper Scissors game and thought I was coding the score increments correctly, but the game keeps the scores at 0 each round. I tried initializing the variables within the function as well as globally. I tried adding return in front of the variable increments. I tried with and without the return score statements shown

Transition animation does not works properly on Safari

I used CSS transition for create the Fade Up animation effect. Here is the code: For addding active to the block I used: And this animation works well on Firefox, Opera, and of course Chrome. But there is some issue on iPhone. Here is example: as you can see the block Fade Up but after disappears and reappears. Maybe

React Modal returns last value of mapped data

Struggling with this issue with the earlier answers not utilizing map function / functional components. When I click my Card, the modal only shows the data of the last Modal: Answer According to your code, multiple modals will be opened and you will see the last modal. If you have 10 products, then 10 modals will be opened. My suggestion

Why use !== when you can use ===?

I could simply vice versa the code to be executed by the if and else. And === is more easier to use compared to !== so why is the not equal operator used? Answer You cannot use conditional statements to convert the operators for most common cases. In your example, it would be easy and readable to convert the non-equal

Intercepting Fetch function – Request Headers

I am intercepting already intercepted fetch and I cannot read final request data (specifically request headers). By intercepting I mean wrapping original window.fetch() See comments below. Answer Okay, so once the window.Fetch is wrapped second time, then you cannot get the latest arguments before the actual request. It would be perfect to be able to make the first wrap, but

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘slice’)

I can’t figure out the problem with the code as I have even matched it with the source code provided by the git user and it is same, but still showing error So below is the error:- Below is the code for shortenAddress component:- Below is the code of the Welcome component Please,can someone tell the answer to this question