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Get the count of only disabled type=”number” input boxes

How can I expand this to count all input boxes in a form that is type=”number” but is currently disabled? I can count all the input boxes (which included checkboxes) but I want to only count the specific disabled boxes only. Answer I would use querySelectorAll (which deals with CSS selectors naturally) with the selector [type=”number”]:disabled. For example, as you

How to escape a sup tag in xpath selector

I want to extract the text content from the below HTML tag, but the <sup> tag is preventing me from getting the desired text. The text I want to extract is simply (4:6, 6:7). how can I extract this text at the same time escaping the <sup> tag. I tried this “//p/text()”, but I am only getting the part before

How can I get the img src from this page with puppeteer?

I am trying to get some data from this wikipedia page: img src that I need I can get everything that I need except the img src with this code The error I am getting: Evaluation failed: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘src’) Answer You can wrap your record.image line in a conditional like this This will

I am learning Redux thunk by using createAsynThunk. I try to delete an item in todoState but it doesn’t work and i don’t know the reason

My slices file filename: slices.ts My action creators. filename: actioncreators.ts Todo interface, filename: Todo.ts I run my index file, filename: index.ts I expect it would be But actually it is. Answer Your code is fine. The reason you are getting the same result after delete is because you have wait in your delete handler. In the mean time, when wait

I can’t edit a message from discord.js bot

I want to make a countdown timer that uses a command /timer minutes seconds where the user chooses how long the countdown will be. I want the bot to send the timer as a reply to the command which I’ve successfully done. However, I also want the message to update along with the timer. I can console.log the timer and

Delete a row in the table and data by clicking the button Javascript

When I click on the button: Remover, the line is hidden. When I click the Adicionar button again, the line that was hidden is added. I want the line along with the data to be definitively deleted when I click on the button: Remover. I’ve tried using several methods and I can’t solve it, can anyone help? Answer The issues