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Tag: jquery

Jquery sort div based on multiple conditions

I have this short bit of code to sort / ascend div by number. But I want to add other conditions to sort by. Right now, it’s only sorting it just based on points class. But I want it to also apply conditions on times and combine with points. Generally these divs sort ascend from large number to low number.

dropdown select not being part upon the process of cloning

Cloning code works it’s just that the dropdown select is not being part of the cloning process. What I am trying to do is, also pass the value of dropdown select of row to be cloned upon the process of cloning the row. Answer live is deprecated so update your jQuery library. For your question: First of all find and

value of text.replace() to another variable

I have a code to clear and paste text after clicking a button. This text is pasted into two different textareas and therefore my code has to clean up the intercepted content a bit differently. The problem is that it doesn’t work to pass the content to another variable… I want txtq and txte to format the value differently for

How to add style to the matching string of text?

I have got the list of elements like this: Textlink is: ANONFILE, GOFILE, MEGA With Javascript/JQuery/CSS, Is there anyway I can check textlink and could simply only change the element’s CSS if the inner Textlink equals: IF textlink equal “ANONFILE” style css IF textlink equal “GOFILE” style css IF textlink equal “MEGA” style css The only way I know to