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Tag: jquery

jQuery collapsible through toggleClass on element

I have an off canvas navigation menu (classname that is enabled via hover-over using jQuery on my Wordpress site. It is, as it should be, not visible on page load. For the mobile version, I want the same nav menu to be activated by clicking on a menu icon (that I’ve given two classes, in this order: mobile-nav-toggle show-nav-mobile). The

jQuery sort() is not working in function()

I am trying to sort the array after adding new entry into the array using push(). However there are 2 errors. First the sort() is not allowed. Second is when I remove the sort() the new entry always showed with a number of 5 attached Answer When adding new object into an array, you only need to use arr.push(obj), and

Filter html elements based on data attribute

I have the following html structure And what I want to do is to get the count of child divs that contains different data attribute. For example, I’m trying this: But that code is returning 6 and what I want to retrieve is 4, based on the different data-customId. So my question is, how can I add a filter/map to