Why do I get wrong, doubled input value on keyup when typing fast?

When one is typing slowly “a” & “b” the above code will result in “a”, “b” in the console log. But the problem is when somebody does it quickly. The result then is “ab”, “ab”. It’s easier to repeat this situation with letters which are near on a keyboard e.g. “e” & “r”. How to avoid it? Events keydown and keypress does not suffer from this problem of quick-typist, but they are also fire to early. Result: returned value of an input does not contain the last typed letter when they occur. Or maybe there is a way to get

jQuery – setting the selected value of a select control via its text description

I have a select control, and in a javascript variable I have a text string. Using jQuery I want to set the selected element of the select control to be the item with the text description I have (as opposed to the value, which I don’t have). I know setting it by value is pretty trivial. e.g. But I’m a bit stumped on doing it via the text description. I guess there must be a way of getting the value out from the text description, but my brain is too Friday afternoon-ed to be able to work it out. Answer

How do you remove all the options of a select box and then add one option and select it with jQuery?

Using core jQuery, how do you remove all the options of a select box, then add one option and select it? My select box is the following. EDIT: The following code was helpful with chaining. However, (in Internet Explorer) .val(‘whatever’) did not select the option that was added. (I did use the same ‘value’ in both .append and .val.) EDIT: Trying to get it to mimic this code, I use the following code whenever the page/form is reset. This select box is populated by a set of radio buttons. .focus() was closer, but the option did not appear selected like it

How to read data From *.CSV file using javascript?

My csv data looks like this: heading1,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,value1_1,value2_1,value3_1,value4_1,value5_1,value1_2,value2_2,value3_2,value4_2,value5_2…. How do you read this data and convert to an array like this using Javascript?: [heading1:value1_1 , heading2:value2_1, heading3 : value3_1, heading4 : value4_1, heading5 : value5_1 ],[heading1:value1_2 , heading2:value2_2, heading3 : value3_2, heading4 : value4_2, heading5 : value5_2 ]…. I’ve tried this code but no luck!: Answer NOTE: I concocted this solution before I was reminded about all the “special cases” that can occur in a valid CSV file, like escaped quotes. I’m leaving my answer for those who want something quick and dirty, but I recommend Evan’s answer for accuracy. This

OnClick thumbnails – load image

I have a simple image gallery of about 25-30 photos with a thumbnails strip What i want is to load only the image that i click the thumbnail for not to wait until all the 25-30 photos are loaded because it slows down my website. Any ideas how to do that? Answer First, put all 25-30 photos on the page in a way that won’t load them; the simplest way is to give them a CSS style of display:none. Then, put all your thumbnails on the page, and add jQuery logic like: $(‘.thumbnail’).on(‘click’, function() {…. The click handling function can

Responsive navbar with dropdown not working

I am working on creating a responsive navbar that has a dropdown in it. Below is my code: I have the CSS code and media queries inline for testing purpose. So it might look lengthy. The menu contains the Home logo image at the left and 4 menu items on the right. After the active ‘home’ link is the ‘Programs’ drop-button that should have a dropdown ‘Success’ underneath it. This dropdown is not loading correctly and the design is distorted. Any help to fix this? Answer You don’t need your dropdown button to be a div tag, it should be

Getting source attributes from each image files in a list through for loop

I am trying to get the source attribute of image files in a list through the for loop. However, it returns that images[i].attr(‘src’) is not defined. However, a simple images[i] returns the list of html collection of images. Following is my code. Please suggest me why the code is not working. Answer .attr() is a jquery method so make the image[i] also a jquery object by wrapping it in $()

Clicking on a button or at the current position of mouse using JavaScript to keep Google Colab notebook alive

I am trying to keep the Google Colab notebook alive for few hours even if I go out for some time. People who have no idea should only know that if you don’t manually intervene then the processes stop and all of your work is lost. I want my mouse to keep clicking at the current position 12 hours at an interval of 15 minutes. This would be the best case for me. Also IF I can add a bit of scroll up and down both without affecting the position of my mouse would be nice. Obviously, I did nit

Remove File and value from Javascript

May I ask about how can I remove the value of q , when the class .close is clicked? Here with my source code: Answer If I understand the question correctly you need to remove the value of q only from HTML. The easiest way is to wrap the value with the span tag. Let me know if you needed something else or injected HTML can’t be modified, I’ll correct the answer.

remove all next divs after a child

I have something like this : using this: This will hide only the content i marked on the code, means only childs of the same parent. I need to hide every single thing after productPage. Answer You should also go to parent and target the next divs.