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Tag: php

How to add style to the matching string of text?

I have got the list of elements like this: Textlink is: ANONFILE, GOFILE, MEGA With Javascript/JQuery/CSS, Is there anyway I can check textlink and could simply only change the element’s CSS if the inner Textlink equals: IF textlink equal “ANONFILE” style css IF textlink equal “GOFILE” style css IF textlink equal “MEGA” style css The only way I know to

Run PHP after JS validation

I am doing email validation for admin registration using JavaScript and save the data to database using PHP. Supposedly, the registration is done only if the email is valid. But when the email evaluates to invalid, the PHP code still run. How do I do it so that when the email is invalid, the PHP won’t run. Below is the

PHP JavaScript – Escaping variables written like ${HOST}

How to escape variables from DB like ${HOST}? The situation happens when there is some code posted in tags <pre><code>. If it remains as it is there’s the error Uncaught ReferenceError: HOST is not defined. It’s needed in a context where it’s required to use the character ` for enclosure to prevent the error (it’s a multiline content) Uncaught SyntaxError:

why my variable does not pass in the modal box

good evening I have two sites the first in php and the second in wordpress on the one in php i have a table with links each link opens an article to wordpress the link is in $donnees[“guid”] I did some var_dump of $donnees[“guid”] the results are correct Except when the modal opens It’s always the same value Answer Make