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Tag: validation

Get the count of only disabled type=”number” input boxes

How can I expand this to count all input boxes in a form that is type=”number” but is currently disabled? I can count all the input boxes (which included checkboxes) but I want to only count the specific disabled boxes only. Answer I would use querySelectorAll (which deals with CSS selectors naturally) with the selector [type=”number”]:disabled. For example, as you

Fields in Formik (validated on Yup) are constantly displaying an error as if they are empty or invalid. find codesandbox-link attached below

//The onChange variable in the fields is updated on the above code. I am unable to find the solution towards making the below fields function properly. I tried using formik’s setFieldValue however It didn’t work The below code is the return function: Sandbox Answer Simply use Formik’s handleChange event and values. You don’t need to create custom functions or states

Javascript validation works…and fails

I have the following Javascript code in my web page that SHOULD ensure data validation and then (if the form is valid) submit the data to an AJAX call: The problem is, the validation works, but it doesn’t. When the form fields are not valid, it hits this block: and the alert is displayed. The very next line should force

Form validation – Must contain a specific word from a list

I’m trying to use Javascript to validate an input field to have the specific formatting below: “WORD1,WORD2” So there has to be a comma in between two words, no spaces. WORD1 can be any word, but WORD2 has to be a word from the following list: “USD”, “AUD”, “BTC”, “CAD”, “CHF”, “EUR”, “GBP”, “ETH”, “JPY”, “NZD” If the input field

ASP.Net Core app/JS validation: prompt user to update form, or exit page

I have an ASP.Net Core/Razor app with a simple form: I’m using the built-in client-side validation for things like <input …required> or <input type=”number” min=”0″ …> (Microsoft includes jQuery validation in their MSVS project templates). That all works fine. I’m also doing some additional, custom validation on certain fields. I’d like to give the user the option to either re-do