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Tag: react-hooks

Unpredictable state change

I am dynamically creating mathlive fields and adding them to the DOM. Though it isn’t a good way but doing it like this because I wasn’t able to add the element as a React component and I needed a workaround quickly Now when I remove an element from array responsible for rendering the elements, it works as expected but when

React rerender component on database change

Im trying to develop a dynamic todoList. I have two components TodoList, and Todo. TodoList fetches with useSWR the data from Mongo and puts the data in a div depending if they’re completed or not. Todo component has a button to mark if the task its completed or not. When you click the input check it changes automatically on mongo.

Have checked countless times and can’t figure out where my error is: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘lat’)

I’ve been playing around with the OpenWeatherMap API to learn to code and have run into a series of TypeError issues popping up in my console. My assumption is that my program is attempting to use data from the API before it is finished fetching, but I have set the fetch functions up to wait until receiving a response to