How do you add multiple objects to an array? (JavaScript)

I’m not sure if I phrased the question right. I’m fairly new to JavaScript, and I’d like to add multiple objects (?) to an array. If I have this array: How would I add, say as to the same array? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I really need an answer. Answer Items can be added to an array with the push method. Every array has this method build it, together with many other methods, and can be used to push a new value to the end of the array. In the push method create an object with

For Loop is Not Running Khan Academy Project:Bookshelf [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question “This program only displays one book. Make an array of books (at least two of them), and use a loop to display a row of them.” I want to use the for loop to draw the other book in the array. In the current state, i remains 0, and must be manually set to 1 to draw the next book. Answer Use a different variable

Initialise an object with array properties

How can I initialise an object in JavaScript, the properties of which would be arrays? I want to have an object of this format: My usecase is the following: – When a property does not exist, create this property which should be an array and add a number. – When a property exists already, push the number to that array; this way I cannot initialise an array every time. What I’ve done so far is this: I am getting this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘push’ of undefined which makes sense, as the property has not been initialised as

Dynamically replace data based on matched RegEx JavaScript

I have a dynamic template string, similar to the following: I also have an object like so: How do I replace each template variable with the value presented in an object where the key is the text in the braces. For example: I have tried the following: The code above replaces all instances of text in curly braces with undefined. I have looked at multiple StackOverflow questions, but none have addressed this issue. Answer Luckily, replace() allows to use a callback:

javascript object literals — formula

I’m supposed to declare an object literal, accepting a parameter that gets the radius of the circle. Then returns the area of the circle. Not sure how to implement the formula A = PIr^2 This is what I have so far. Am I in the right direction? Answer I am not sure why you have the a and b property. What is its purpose? Do you want something like this?

What is the best way to reduce and merge a collection of objects

So I reached a dilemma this week while trying to solve what seemed to be an easy problem, but I was wrong. Sample code: So the problem was being able to map through the array and merge/sum the values if their unique identifiers match. Any suggestions? End result would look something like this: Now of course the real application will not have statically typed ids, but they were written into this example. So please take that into consideration. Thanks in advance! Answer You could take an object for grouping and an array for adding the wanted properties.

Redux deep clone – state is always equal

I have the following reducer in React Redux: And this is my object: The reducer as such seems to work, it toggles the values correctly. But: Redux always shows “states are equal”, which is bad as it won’t recognize changes. Can someone help ? I assume that I am returning a new object.. Answer Although you take a copy of state.jobOffers.filters, this still holds references to original child arrays like employments. So when you mutate newArr[action.key] with splice or push, Redux will not see that change, as it is still the same array reference. You could replace this: with: BTW,

comparing one dictionary with array of dictionary

I want to add or remove a dictionary on the array based on two cases. For example, Let us create a array of dictionary, Let us consider two cases, Case-1: An input dictionary that has both the same key and value which is in the Result variable. then the result should be, Case-2: An input dictionary that has the same key and different value(input1) and vice versa(input2) or both different key and value(input3) which the Result variable array have. then the result should be, Thanks in advance Answer You could find the index of the given key/value pair and remove

Dynamically get values of object from array

Let’s say I have an Object myBook and an array allCategories. What I want : Loop over categories to check the value of Book, for example, check if “sciencefiction” exists in my Book Object and then check it’s value What I have tried : 1) With indexOf 2) With includes Expected output : If you need more information, just let me know, I’ll edit my question. Answer You could use filter and find methods to return new array of categories and then use map method to return array of elements. You can also use reduce instead of filter and map

Compare and Filter Object Array in javascript

How to determine the cheapest and fastest rate and get the value in single object. cheapest is determined by using netfee having least value fastest is determined by using speed having less days best is determined by using amount having highest value I got stuck and let know is any alternative solution. Answer so simple.. [edit]: Thanks to muka.gergely for his remark on parseInt(acc.speed,10) (specify to use base 10) for memo : console.log(parseFloat(‘0.7 days’) return = 0.7