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Tag: next.js

No component being rendered on router.push(‘/page’) unless reloaded

On successful login, I’m embedding the user token in browser cookies and using router.push(‘/dashboard’) to take the user to his dashboard, but the ‘/dashboard’ page is not rendering any components unless I trigger a reload, on which all the components are rendered on the screen. Code block from /login page: Code block from /dashboard page: which on first returns a

How do I get data from Firebase collection using NextJs API, Firebase Firestore, axios and TypeScript?

I’m using api routes in NextJS 13, to fetch data from Firebase like this(api/locations.tsx): Then I have a component Locations.tsx where I’m trying to store the locations in locations state object like this: But I’m getting an error Property ‘locationsData’ does not exist on type ‘GetLocationResponse’. even though I tried adding “locationsData” to my type definition type GetLocationResponse = {

ReferenceError: FileReader is not defined in Next.js

I am trying out the new functions of Next.js 13 with the /app folder, but in a simple client-side component that handles an input form, I am trying to use FileReader but receive an error when browsing. This is the summary of the code: Error: What am I doing wrong? Answer Like accessing window, any browser-specific code in Next.js needs

How to not re render the parent of a child component?

I’m having re-rendering issues, any help is greatly appreciated. I tried useMemo and useCallback and it broke the checkbox. I have a component, and inside that component, I display some info in my object. I have let’s say an object as such: The issue is that every time I click my checkbox it rerenders the whole component. This is a