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Tag: next.js

Next-auth CredentialProvider config and redirect

I’m a bit confused on the implementation of the credentials provider and the redirects. The documentation says that the credentials provider doesn’t support a callback and its for the OAuth providers. This is fine. However, instead of staying on the page and flashing an error message or even logging in like in this video it redirects to https://localhost/api/auth/callback/[credentials-provider-name]. Which doesn’t

NextJS render content from a different page

I’ve two routes like, app/products => pages/products/index.js app/products/1 => pages/products/[page].js Here both app/products and app/product/1 will render the same content (same product items), is it possible to render app/products/1 content in app/products without writing duplicate code? I could find anything similar in their documentation. Thanks. Answer The easiest way is to abstract the content from the page level. No need

how to pass an object as a prop in nextjs

I cant quite figure out how I am supposed to pass an object as a prop when using useState in Next JS. I have a lorem ipsum generator that I created in javascript functions. I have a component called Paragraphs that houses it. I need to pass in two properties, a number of paragraphs. a sentence length. The paragraph length

Best way to include reusable SVG in React

I am including SVG as reusable component on my react application. Sample of SVG component is as follows On page level, I am importing IconComponent and reusing it. Is there any other best way to include reusable SVGs in React pages which improves performance/page load? Answer 1. SVG with webpack command line webpack.config.js then 2. SVG as component also you