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Tag: discord.js

Discord bot loading but commands are not working

I’m making my first Discord bot and I’m following this tutorial playlist here: But for some reason my bot will load, say the load message, and even set its custom status but none of the commands are working. I have looked at many other forum posts and none are my problem so I’m very confused. I’m using Discord.js 14.3.0

Sequelize table is not created, even though I used Sequelize.define()

Repository (code): I am creating a Discord bot with Discord.js. I wanted to add three DM commands for the bot: dm, reply, and followup. In order to reply to the last DM, I needed to use SQLITE. I made and required a database.js file to do that, using the discord.js guide for SQLite. But when I run the command

Sharding Crashing On Shard 0 Discordjs

I am trying to shard my discord bot in v13, and when I run just the main file (bot.js) on my beta bot without sharding, it works fine, but when I try running it with sharding, It gives this error. Here is the index.js code where I shard When I try running just bot.js without sharding, it gives the error

if (typeof data !== ‘string’) throw new error(errorMessage);

I’m working on a serverinfo command in discord.js v13 and I don’t know how to fix this error ERROR: [Photo Error]: if (typeof data !== ‘string’) throw new error(errorMessage); ^ RangeError [EMBED_FIELD_VALUE]: MessageEmbed field values must be non-empty strings. [Symbol(code)]: ‘EMBED_FIELD_VALUE’ Answer The second parameter to .addField must be a string, as your error message says: MessageEmbed field values