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Tag: discord.js

Discord.js Modal ValidationError

I’m attempting to make a bot but when I try to show the user a modal, I get the following error: ValidationError: Expected the value to be a string or number I’m not sure why this happens, but here is the code which seems to be causing it: Answer Discord.js error messages leave a lot to be desired, but the

I can’t edit a message from discord.js bot

I want to make a countdown timer that uses a command /timer minutes seconds where the user chooses how long the countdown will be. I want the bot to send the timer as a reply to the command which I’ve successfully done. However, I also want the message to update along with the timer. I can console.log the timer and

Updating variables with Discord.JS

I’m trying to work out how to update variables that are declared at runtime. In my code it’s a simple random number generator. It works but doesn’t update, i.e. if the slash command /rng is used, alpha never updates past the initial number it picked, so it just repeats the same number at each use of /rng and I understand

Get channels of category discord v14

i’m trying to get all channels and delete these channels of category in discord v14, but throw me an error: client.channels.cache.get(…).children.forEach is not a function Answer CategoryChannel.children is type CategoryChannelChildManager, which doesn’t have a forEach method, so you can’t call forEach on it. CategoryChannelChildManager.cache is type Collection<Snowflake, GuildChannel>, which does has a forEach method, so you can call forEach on