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Tag: react-native

How to update nested object state in React

I have multiple checkbox svgs which i’m mapping over which removes the inner tick icon when I manually set either of the isSelected states to false. I want to remove/add the tick icon svg when I press the checkbox in my app. Im unsure where Im currently going wrong in my logic. It works correctly when I manually change the

How to change Axios onDownloadProgress event.isTrusted = false to true in react-native

I’m using Axios “^0.27.2” for fetching data in react-native “0.62.2” and I’m trying to create a percentage loader using content-length which I’m getting from server in response header. API GET request code Above code is working fine I’m able to fetch data properly. but when I’m trying using onDownloadProgress progressEvent.loaded is coming -1 and also progressEvent.isTrusted=false console log of progressEvent