How do I show a selected button in a row by changing CSS in an HTML site?

I have a div of buttons in line and I want the user to be able to see when they selected a button by changing the CSS and it only going back to its old state when they select another button. Is this possible? Answer Find all the buttons and add event listener to execute some javascript where you put the logic of changing the behaviour of the buttons.

The top two rows of a table not working in Html while using JS

I want to create a Tic Tac game but there is some problem probably in Javascript file thats why when any of the boxes of top row are clicked they are not responding … while the third one does Please help Answer It’s always a bit tricky to relay on the text() of a cell being “” because there might be some space left in the markup which can invalidate your condition. To quickly fix the issue you can add trim() to make sure to remove all leading and trailing space in the markup. I’ve created a JSFiddle to show

404 error for bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.min.js

I’m building a website and trying to use Bootstrap, however I’m unable to successfully call bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap.min.js. I have Bootstrap unzipped in a new folder titled “Bootstrap” in my htdocs folder. In my Bootstrap folder I created a new folder to house my code for my website since this, in terms of organization, would be a lot easier. I also specified in my .html file to look for “bootstrap.min.css” and “bootstrap.min.js” in the following filepath in htdocs: Folder Structure: Bootsrtap folder with css, fonts, js, myWebsite subfolders, and test.html. myWebsite folder with test.html HTML (this is the test.html file

Responsive navbar with dropdown not working

I am working on creating a responsive navbar that has a dropdown in it. Below is my code: I have the CSS code and media queries inline for testing purpose. So it might look lengthy. The menu contains the Home logo image at the left and 4 menu items on the right. After the active ‘home’ link is the ‘Programs’ drop-button that should have a dropdown ‘Success’ underneath it. This dropdown is not loading correctly and the design is distorted. Any help to fix this? Answer You don’t need your dropdown button to be a div tag, it should be

Set unique ID to SVG graph path

How to set unique ID to SVG graph path elements. The graph is created using leaflet.js Path elements are dynamically generated and I need to style them individually, so I thought of giving them unique ID. Please help. Answer As I’ve commented you don’t need an id for styling. You can use nth-of-type or nth-child. Also you can reduce verbosity by moving stroke=”#3388ff” stroke-opacity=”1″ stroke-width=”3″ stroke-linecap=”round” stroke-linejoin=”round” fill=”#3388ff” fill-opacity=”0.2″ fill-rule=”evenodd” in CSS However if you still think you need to add `id-s in JavaScript, here is how I would do it (btw @DogukanCavus is perfectly valid):

New line string from javascript

I cant do new line from javascript, I tried to do that with n, but nothing. Answer Apparently you are pretty new in javascript. You should use <br> instead. n new line for console outputs. Also you should use innerHTML instead of textContent. With textContent Console example:

Getting source attributes from each image files in a list through for loop

I am trying to get the source attribute of image files in a list through the for loop. However, it returns that images[i].attr(‘src’) is not defined. However, a simple images[i] returns the list of html collection of images. Following is my code. Please suggest me why the code is not working. Answer .attr() is a jquery method so make the image[i] also a jquery object by wrapping it in $()

Set Button id from javascript

I have a dropdown list which filled with the data fetched from db. I need to assign the selected index value of this dropdown list as the ID of a button. Is it really possible? my code Answer Might be this will solve your problem. I have added a class on btn call CustomerModalBttn . Try this

remove all next divs after a child

I have something like this : using this: This will hide only the content i marked on the code, means only childs of the same parent. I need to hide every single thing after productPage. Answer You should also go to parent and target the next divs.

How to set the value of a background Image in Vue using a URL generated by an API

I am trying to set the value of the background image of my #app element in Vue to the response that is generated from Unsplash’s API. I am able to retrieve the image URL, but I am having some difficulty in trying to relay that information to the background style element. Overall, my goal is to use a random image and display it on the screen every page reload. My method: I pulled down the URL from the Unsplash API in the methods section I then created an image in the data section and set that equal to the response