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Tag: css

“cover” property bugging the background

I am having a problem with covering the background in CSS. Before: Image Before After: Image After Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Answer You cannot have cover alone in the background property. You are obliged to define the position as well: Or add background-size: cover Related: Error: CSS: background: / is an incorrect operator

Reappear bubbles js and css

I’m trying to solve this problem, but I’m giving up and I’m here to see if you can give me some hints. I made this bubble effect in which when I touch each bubble it pops, but I can’t get the bubbles to reappear after a few seconds (as if they were new bubbles). I leave the code here below:

Bug using keyframes on bootstrap progress bar

I’m trying to animate a Bootstrap 5 progress bar when my page loads. This seems to work, but on the other hand it overrides the basic bootstrap animation. Here is a snippet to view the problem I am having. When you load the page, the progress bar goes from 0% to 20% and the animation no longer works… When

Invoke function after div resize is complete?

I have a resizeable div like this: How do I invoke a function after it has completed resizing? i.e. I don’t want the function to continuously invoke while it’s being resized, rather I need it to invoke after the mouse has been lifted from the bottom right resizing icon Answer You could just check the mouseup event, and track the

CSS display changes after changing zoom

I am having a little bit of trouble with my CSS, as when I change the default zoom (Command + on Mac) of the browser it causes the below image. When it is at 100% viewport on chrome, it is supposed to look like the below where it fits perfectly in the black box. My html code is below. For