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Tag: css

How to make a popup that only pops up once per user?

I’m a beginner in web development, and I’m trying to program a website for my class. So I watched a video on making a popup, but the popup comes up every time the user reloads the page. I need help, please. Here’s my HTML code: Here is my JS code: I tried to find an answer on google, but those

want to style the all dots of pre built html canvas background

The code is different, I apologize may I didn’t ask the question the right way, you can understand well in principle, When I’m hovering the dots get colours and connect to each other, other dots are invisible, I want that all dots should be visible all time. live example available on codepen, Answer If I understand your question correctly,

How to set textarea height using min-height?

I am trying to create a message input field, using textarea. The reason I am using textarea is to be able to dynamically change the height. To be able to dynamically change the height of the textarea and the parent divs, I have implemented this code. The code works, just fine. To be able to use this JavaScript code I

CSS property dependent of element position?

My goal is to show a styled tooltip in an HTML document. Therefore I created this code: Rudimentary this does what it should do: when hovering a word with the mouse, the browser shows a formatted tooltip: Unfortunately the tooltip is cut off when it is too far at the left: A solution would be to set the CSS property

How can I position my autocomplete box under the search box?

Hello I’m trying to create a custom suggestion box for search box. The parent div is flex box and suggestion box is positioned absolute. but the top and left property of css. It is taking of global page and not parent. You can see in css “suggesetionbox” the top property is targeting complete page not parent div. Can someone suggest

hovering on one element while scrolling

how to hover on one element when scrolling. If you don’t know how it’s done, please tell me at least what it’s called. There is a similar effect here. link searched on many forums. Because I don’t know what it’s called, that’s why I couldn’t find it Answer If you want to know how it works I leave you my

Wobble effect on letters

I’m trying to add a wobble effect on each letter but I can’t get it to work, I would like the letters to get a bit bigger while hovering them and making the effect run. I’m just learning javascript so I’m not really good at it, the snippet doesn’t work and I don’t know what’s the problem with it. I

How to add style to the matching string of text?

I have got the list of elements like this: Textlink is: ANONFILE, GOFILE, MEGA With Javascript/JQuery/CSS, Is there anyway I can check textlink and could simply only change the element’s CSS if the inner Textlink equals: IF textlink equal “ANONFILE” style css IF textlink equal “GOFILE” style css IF textlink equal “MEGA” style css The only way I know to