How To Edit After Effects Template with Python or Javascript?

I planning to build an online music visualizer but I cannot figure out how to generate high graphic visualization using this After Effects template – Visualization After Effects Template and similar others. How can I Edit this Template with my own text and audio. I want to make something like this – Website Example I Found Some Visualization Example using Web Audio & p5js But They Were Not as Graphically Pleasing and I want to Streamline The Process By Using Existing AE Templates. I Was Not Able to Find Any Helpful Tutorial or Tool for this, So I am Here

How to implement Server-Sent Events in Flask framework?

I’m trying to get a progress bar to work in Flask. I use a Server Sent Events for that. When I run it in local development server, then everything works well and I can see in the browser real time added numbers in /progress window and progress bar works no problems. But if I run it in Linux server (Linode), then browser windows hangs for 10 sec and after that progress bar jumps to 100. I am beginner and do not understand why it works in local machine and why not in the remote server. Please somebody explain. And also

Showing Image in django

I have a Django web app where I am uploading an image and showing some texts. But I am not able to show the image in the front end after uploading. index.html How can I show the uploaded image here, I have little experience with javascript so If anyone can help me on this! what I tried so far is, I passed the image path URL, and using {% static %} tried to show the image like below Answer If the path to your image is valid, then you should create an image with the new Image() constructor. This

How to Get Int from JS Prompt Using Selenium in Python

I am trying to create a prompt for a number from the user on a web page while using selenium in python. This is the code I have written but it returns None Answer So I figured out the answer to my question. Here is the code for anyone who might have the same issue:

convert wav file received in the request response to blob

I am trying to receive a WAV file as the response to a POST request. I use the send_file in Flask. I try to retrieve the file client-side in the response. I have ultimately converted it to a blob so it can be automatically downloaded. This is the API code for the server: This is the client script for the post request: I get “provided value cannot be converted to a sequence” error from trying to convert to a WAV blob. The file is successfully received, and a valid file is sent back. Creating the blob with [] instead

Flask application redirects to empty “about:srcdoc” page when index (root path) is requested

I am working on a Flask web application. It has two iframes side-by-side and accesses a csv file. The file contains urls that, by using selenium .page_source(), will be loaded into the iframes using srcdoc. The page source is edited using beautiful soup 4 before being turned into a string and being sent to the frontend. The issue I am facing right now is that, when I open the app (either locally or the version hosted on a virtual machine) SOMETIMES I am redirected to an empty page with “about:srcdoc” in the url bar. While it doesnt happen 100%, it

How to Run a Python Script from a Nuxt.js SPA?

I am currently working on a Nuxt.JS SPA. One of the feature is uploading, downloading, and deleting files from a cloud storage. I’ve already successfully done so using Google’s Firebase products and API because google has it in Node.JS. Now I have to change the storage to a Ceph storage. The issue is, I have to do this using Ceph’s Object Gateway S3 API. But, Ceph doesn’t have this in JS, Node.JS, etc.. I can use Python to do implement them and I have created Python script(s) that could do just that. Now, I have to somehow call these Python