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Adding POST parameters after form submit

I have this form: And I’d like to add a few json arrays to POST in validateForm() after validation, so that when validateForm() returns true, the updated POST will be sent to course_submit.php. What’s the best wya to go about this? Thanks! Answer Have <input type=”hidden” …> elements inside the form. Assign the values to those elements.

JavaScript submit form excluding fields

I have a simple html form: And I need to submit it with JavaScript, but I want to exclude the dontSubmitThisField field from the request. Is there a way of doing that without Ajax? Answer Just disable the field. Either do it via HTML if the field cannot be updated by the user: Or do it via jQuery with

Radio buttons checked changing submit text

My site structure consists on an index.php which is styled by a css file. It then includes the following php code in a separate file: It appears on screen with no problems in the correct layout as my css style sheet. What I would like this to do is when I select the “Subscribe” radio button the submit button text

form submit jquery v javascript difference

in javascript this works fine and the validateForm function fires but why doesnt a similar implementation of the same code in jquery not work? This is what I would like to do after reading the following code works why does the submit method require a function to wrap around the code im trying to fire. why can i not

HTML form with two submit buttons and two “target” attributes

I have one HTML <form>. The form has only one action=”” attribute. However I wish to have two different target=”” attributes, depending on which button you click to submit the form. This is probably some fancy JavaScript code, but I haven’t an idea where to begin. How could I create two buttons, each submitting the same form, but each button

“Submit is not a function” error in JavaScript

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong with this code? I tried to submit a form with JavaScript, but an error “.submit is not a function” shown. See below for more details of the code: I also tried this: Both show me the same error 🙁 Answer submit is not a function means that you named your submit button