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Tag: if-statement

shorten if conditions in js

I want to shorten the conditions of a javascript if but I don’t know how I can achieve it code: I have the conditions defined in this way: I appreciate any help! 🙂 Answer You can remove all unnecessary parenthesis in your if condition: Other than that, there’s not really a clean, readable way to shorten your code.

Conditional check in JavaScript not working

I am trying below code but it’s not working as expected. I wanted to check if the cell Value has India or UnitedStatedofAmerica or Germany or Switzerland then go inside and if it’s undefined, null or blank, or it doesn’t contain the text location then go to else and set the value to ROW, But its not working. So each

Why use !== when you can use ===?

I could simply vice versa the code to be executed by the if and else. And === is more easier to use compared to !== so why is the not equal operator used? Answer You cannot use conditional statements to convert the operators for most common cases. In your example, it would be easy and readable to convert the non-equal

JavaScript for loop issue affects guess count

so I’m trying to build a JavaScript hangman game and I’m having a problem with my checkMatch function. what I’m trying to achieve is for it to check against the hiddenChoice array and only run the code in the else if statement if isn’t in the array at all. currently if hiddenChoice = apple and = l it