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How to detect changes in child component with respect to changes in the base component – Angular

I have a component profile.component.ts in which there’s a variable, this.candidate, which subscribes to and gets updated like this This component acts like a base component and there’s a child component that extends this component, Now I want to have another variable in this child component that updates itself whenever this.candidate gets updated in the base component. Something like this:

Angular ag-grid edit icon click get row data

grid setting the colDefs with multiple array of objects last being action where I’m displaying edit icon inside action button compoment action.compoment.html (ActionButtonComponent) rowData is an array of object I’m passing and which are displaying in grid How can I get particular row data object when I click on edit icon of that row Answer In ActionButtonComponent, you can use:

Get Reponse Code and JSON Response in Fetch

I have following Code to get the Response from the API. Now I want a response if the data are successfully send to the server. My first idea was to do it with the response code. If it is 200 it is successfull. The other idea is, to make it with a try catch statement. Getting the response from the

How can I force @angular/core to use the latest version of zone.js in its peerDependencies configuration?

This test passes but results in a problem: There is an error that displays when running tests in Jasmine and it falsely indicates test failure: The bug that causes this error is fixed in the latest version of zone.js according to this thread: @angular/core depends on zone.js version 0.11.4 in its peerDependencies which is revealed in package-lock.json: I believe

Stop navigation if another link is clicked Angular

I have a form in angular and when it is submitted, there is a redirection to homepage after X seconds. Here is the service containing the redirection method: Here is the submit method: I’d like to know how can I stop redirectToHome() if suppose an user click somewhere else in the menu before x seconds have elapsed. Answer I’d add