Angular Http Subscribe not working

Hi In my Angular Component, i have this code in one of my methods In network tab in chrome dev inspector i saw that my get call returning result, but data is undefined. Why? Answer The reason it was not working originally, is because you had this: You are not returning a value. When you use the curly braces, you have to explicitly define a return value. All you had to do was: Or remove the braces:

How can I share an Angular 2 component between multiple Angular 2 projects?

Ideally, I’d like to create a stand-alone Angular 2 component (with tests) and then re-use it between two or three different Angular 2 sites. What are the good ways to achieve this? And a bonus question – do any 3rd party Angular 2 components exist? Answer UPDATE OFFICIAL Angular CLI You can create an angular2 component library (with tests) and then use it in any number of projects Here’s how to create an angular2 library with angular-cli Then you can publish it for public use as well. If you want to keep it private, you can read

Checking ‘undefined’ or ‘null’ of any Object

I am working on Angular project and time to time I used to have check undefined or null over Object or it’s properties. Normally I use lodash _.isUndefined() see example below: I couldn’t see any problem with it. But I had discussion with my colleague during review of above code. He was telling me that if i gets undefined before the if statement then it will throw the exception. Instead he suggested me to always check i or like this: I am convinced what he was trying to say unlike his way of checking undefined in above code. But

Angular FormBuilder US Phone Number Regex (xxx) xxx-xxxx

I am trying to write an Angular Regex validator, which matches this and only this pattern for phone, spaces exact How can this be done? Working on this Code: Trying to add the space, after the first parenthesis, not sure if correct Answer You need to Add a literal space (or s to allow any whitespace) exactly at the location where you expect it to be in the string Escape the ( char after ^ because you need to match a literal open parenthesis. Do not escape – that is outside of a character class, i.e. not inside […]. You

How do I merge two arrays of Objects with a shared ID in TypeScript?

I have two Arrays of Objects, that share an ID. How do I merge them into a single Array, where all items have been merged based on the ID? I’m using TypeScript and Angular. Answer I think you could use something like this:

Angular – Is it possible to prevent executing a (click) event by a directive?

I created the following directive and I’d like to prevent the (click) event from being executed under certain conditions (or delay the click, or ask the user for confirmation, etc). For demonstrational purposes my goal below is just prevent executing the event at all: This is my markup: In the same above I’d like the shouldNotBeExecuted() method not to be executed. But it is… Answer Yes, that’s possible: Ng-run Example

How to replace all the special character who follows another character

I have a long string containing some special characters. I need to check those special characters who do not follow space and replace it with a special character and space. Example Input Output Here you can see the last < replaced with < as it follows z which is not space. Keep this in mind in the HTML the special characters are coming in entities like Regex solution will be great. Answer Description of the pattern: a ” < ” character that is not followed by a white-space

when zoom in browser cause one div container expand, how to adjust other div container length to keep the at a same bottom line?

HI I am now working on a webpage.In the page I have a left part and right part. The right part has a table view, and the left part just some buttons. it looks like this: It looks good now. but when I zoom in my browser to like 150%, 160%…, the right part(table) will expand its bottom vertically because of the content. like this: So you can see the bottom of two div are not aligned horizontally . So my question is how to keep this to bottom always in a same line. Yeah maybe you will say: fill

Bootstrap carousel or event not firing with Angular

I’ve checked everywhere with no luck. I’m trying to detect when the carousel changes to a new slide (weather automatically or by user click). I have tried many combinations with no luck. The event just does not fire at all. I’ve used the event handler .on to attach events in the typescript file but they do not fire. I’ve also tried the now deprecated .bind as well and again nothing happens. Using Angular 8.3 Bootstrap 4.4.1 Here is the HTML And the typescript Answer There are a few different ways to do this, but the below works well for me:

2 select filters on Array Values in object

I have the below data object: And a html page with 2 select boxes. In my ts file I would like to filter the tags array for selectedTag1, selectedTag2 or Both. i am not sure how to filter the array (do I need to loop through it?) AND I do not know how to combine the 2 filters (do I need combineLatest from RXJS?). I have the below so far I think I need to loop through the array here item.tags[0] but not sure of the best way to do it and then do a combineLatest.. Maybe not? I have