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Tag: javascript

Looping elements in JSX React

In React.js documentation, I wonder how is used in JSX React. in <ul> tag, why we just put the variable listItems directly?. Because I think it will return a single array instead of <li> elements like this : how does JSX treat an array? Did I have to loop listItems manually? Thank you in advance. Answer you might want

“cover” property bugging the background

I am having a problem with covering the background in CSS. Before: Image Before After: Image After Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Answer You cannot have cover alone in the background property. You are obliged to define the position as well: Or add background-size: cover Related: Error: CSS: background: / is an incorrect operator

Updating a rails record with vanilla javascript

Is it possible to update a rails record with vanilla javascript without intercepting the data and converting it to a hash in the controller? Here is my code: If I just send the data without stringifying it, it shows up in the rails controller at user: [object, object]. In the update action I update the params like this: params[“user”] =

jQuery collapsible through toggleClass on element

I have an off canvas navigation menu (classname that is enabled via hover-over using jQuery on my Wordpress site. It is, as it should be, not visible on page load. For the mobile version, I want the same nav menu to be activated by clicking on a menu icon (that I’ve given two classes, in this order: mobile-nav-toggle show-nav-mobile). The

New Set Array returing Wrong data

I am trying to get distinct coaGrpId from ldgrwisesum useState but getting null values in array object and length as 310 which is my requires array object. below is the ldgrwisesum useState from where i stored the data i am expecting o/p in variable b .Below is the Expected output I have getting 310 times null value in array and

How to convert URL into HTML in JavaScript?

I want a HTML document of an URL I have URL like and I want the HTML block of the page of URL. How can I achieve this in JavaScript I read that Java has method like IOUtils.toString to do the same. can somebody suggest me how to do this or what is the method in JavaScript as in