Javascript failing to load properly when in

Code is not working and I can’t seem to figure out why. I have to keep the javascript in the html head because it is required and I believe that’s where im going wrong and it’s not loading properly.The window onload is something new for me and i’m not sure if that would be the correct way to use it Answer It is because not all the elements are mounted on the DOM if <script> is in <head>. You use <script> in <head> when you want javascript to execute independent of the elements to be mounted. If your <script> tag

Using Spies and Mocks on complex objects with Jest

I’m fairly new to testing and writing tests for a currently uncovered javaScript codebase using Jest. The code covers some niche use cases, as its conditionally injected and executed by the browser during page load. Anyway, I’m having issues mocking up custom objects. Here’s the function in question: As far as I understand, I need to mock both window.location.pathname to return a string, and I need to mock window.TOOL.cookie.setCookie() as a mock function. Here’s my attempt at the test: The test fails, saying that window.TOOL.cookie.setCookie was called 0 times. I’ve dug into the process, and found that window.location.pathname is executing

“ Failed to execute ‘removeChild’ on ‘Node’: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Node’ ” javascript

I have this error showing on my console although everything is working fine, I have divs of books name, and beside them a button “delete. at the bottom I have a form with the button “add”, I am trying to add and delete books according to event “click” and it works fine, but I’m wondering what this error means? “script.js:9 Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute ‘removeChild’ on ‘Node’: parameter 1 is not of type ‘Node’. at HTMLDivElement. (script.js:9)” here is my code Answer Try switching around the .removeChild() function like below: Another approach is to delete the bookdiv.

How can I adjust the window innerwidth according to the percentage?

I try to adjust the window.innerwidth according to percentage but I don’t know what to do. MY goal is depending on the size of window.innerwidth, change the backgroundcolor of html. window.innerwidth can’t use percentages when comparing? I tried like this. Answer “90%” isn’t a valid value for innerWidth property. I think you meant 90% of outerWidth. Try out the following in Full page

Get html elements inside shadow root using javascript

I have example HTML code: And with this code I can access to shadow root element parent container: But can’t get elements inside shadow root container using this command: Answer You have to navigate to shadow-root first then you can get it:

Can I get the include path of the js file – within the js file?

Is it possible for a js function to figure out the file path of its code ? At runtime. Ex. <html><head><script src=”/js/version-3.2.1/myfile.js” /><head>…</html> /js/version-3.2.1/myfile.js Answer You can use document.currentScript: The Document.currentScript property returns the <script> element whose script is currently being processed and isn’t a JavaScript module. (For modules use import.meta instead.) It’s important to note that this will not reference the <script> element if the code in the script is being called as a callback or event handler; it will only reference the element while it’s initially being processed.

Save ID in variable and add style to it

I want to highlight randomly a word which is inside a <p> tag with the id=JShighlight. It should blink one time and then another randomly chosen word should blink.** I can’t add the css style needed to the ID. The words are nested in a span with an unique id like id=”one” oder id=”two”. Like: To chose a word randomly, I build an array with the child-nodes of JShighlight. And call it childNodeArray Then I randomly chose an index: The variable name saves the randomly chosen ID. To this randomly chosen word /Id I want to add a certain style

the purpose of this code is to add an article at the end of the page, but the broblem is that appear then it desappear

the purpose of this code is to add an article at the end of the page, but the broblem is that appear then it desappear.please help me to figur it out 🙂 Answer This is because you are using a form without preventing the submit of it. There is no need for the form here, and by default it will submit to the same page it’s on, causing a window reload. This has been discussed here: How to prevent form from being submitted?

Is DOM rendering GUARANTEED to block during a single (synchronous) function’s execution?

DOM blocking is something many people not familiar with JavaScript’s strictly single-threaded synchronous execution model find out about the hard way, and it’s usually just something we want to work around somehow (using timeouts, web-workers, etc). All well and good. However, I would like to know if blocking of the actual user-visible rendering is something you can actually rely on. I’m 90% sure it is de facto the case in most browsers but I am hoping this isn’t just a happily consistent accident. I can’t seem to find any definitive statements from DOM specifications or even vendor documentation like MDM.

How to scroll down with Phantomjs to load dynamic content

I am trying to scrape links from a page that generates content dynamically as the user scroll down to the bottom (infinite scrolling). I have tried doing different things with Phantomjs but not able to gather links beyond first page. Let say the element at the bottom which loads content has class .has-more-items. It is available until final content is loaded while scrolling and then becomes unavailable in DOM (display:none). Here are the things I have tried- Setting viewportSize to a large height right after var page = require(‘webpage’).create(); page.viewportSize = { width: 1600, height: 10000, }; Using page.scrollPosition =