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Tag: dom

Mouse click event not working as expected

I’m trying to search for a contact in Whatsapp Web search bar, first I want to focus in search bar and then enter the contact to execute the search. I’m selecting the div with: Dispatch event returns true but has no effect in search box Answer You can just use element.focus() or, whichever better fits the goal (if you

Building a keyboard and missing onclick event

I’m building a virtual keyboard with vanillla javascript but don’t know where to add the onclick event listener to the buttons or how to grab them. I have a printKeys function that loops thru the array and prints them onload, and I have an unfinished typeKeys function where I’m trying to grab the innerhtml and print it to the input

change footer size by id

I am trying to run a function that changes the margin-top size according to what is being displayed. However, it doesn’t seem to be working? also tried this Thank you Answer document.getElementById returns the element (if it exists) or null, not a boolean (true/false). You can simply do if(heading) { … } as your condition. Here’s a snippet based on