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Tag: flask

How to disable a submit button until a radio button is selected (Javascript, HTML, and Flask)

I’ve seen other questions similar to this one, but I don’t know if my application isn’t working because I’m using a Flask/SQLAlchemy application (a truck scheduling application) or if there’s something else I’m missing. I want to disable the submit/update button until the user selects one of the materials to be picked up. update.html: Answer .getElementsByName() returns a node list

Display file to user after conversion

I would like to write a service for converting files from one format to another (something similar at . I already have a file upload button that allows the user to upload a file from their device to the site. There is a box that displays the file name, size, desired format for conversion and a button to convert.

HTML if else condition for printing items in list

I’m making a website with flask, and I pass in a list. My .html file has this code: Now if list.length == 0 I want it to just do something like instead. How do I make an if statement to check if the list is empty, and if it is then I print error on the website, if it is

How to recreate google keep note

I tried to create my own notes for the school project. And I ran into some problems, I am using contentEditable for the note-taking part and it auto-generates divs. I tried to remove them with not much luck. Html JavaScript In this code, you have to press space twice but the bigger problem is when you try to create a

Sending a profile picture from react frontend to flask-restful backend and storing

I want to store profile pictures on the file system (images/{username}_pfp.{extension} and store its location in the database as a string. My frontend react code is and my flask backend code is I have gotten the bits of code relevant to this from multiple sources (Flask – Get the name of an uploaded file minus the file extension, When

change value with AlpineJS

I’m making a website and learning AlpineJS. I’m trying to make a custom ‘checkbox’ (from tailwindcss) to make people agree to the Terms of Service. Now there’s probably already a better way to do this custom checkbox because now I’m replacing the entire checkbox when you click it. So if you have tips for that, please let me know! With