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Tag: flask

HTML if else condition for printing items in list

I’m making a website with flask, and I pass in a list. My .html file has this code: Now if list.length == 0 I want it to just do something like instead. How do I make an if statement to check if the list is empty, and if it is then I print error on the website, if it is

How to recreate google keep note

I tried to create my own notes for the school project. And I ran into some problems, I am using contentEditable for the note-taking part and it auto-generates divs. I tried to remove them with not much luck. Html JavaScript In this code, you have to press space twice but the bigger problem is when you try to create a

Sending a profile picture from react frontend to flask-restful backend and storing

I want to store profile pictures on the file system (images/{username}_pfp.{extension} and store its location in the database as a string. My frontend react code is and my flask backend code is I have gotten the bits of code relevant to this from multiple sources (Flask – Get the name of an uploaded file minus the file extension, When

change value with AlpineJS

I’m making a website and learning AlpineJS. I’m trying to make a custom ‘checkbox’ (from tailwindcss) to make people agree to the Terms of Service. Now there’s probably already a better way to do this custom checkbox because now I’m replacing the entire checkbox when you click it. So if you have tips for that, please let me know! With

How to get the position data from the joystick to the flask server?

I would like to get the position data from the js joystick o use it at the flask server. I tried using ajax: python: @app.route(‘/test’, methods=[‘GET’, ‘POST’]) def test_ajax(): Every time the position of the joystick changed I would like to send the position data to flask Answer You can simply use the callback function to send the joystick data.