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How to make active button color in jquery?

This is the code I use in Elementor to make a custom tab section. All thing is working but my active tab does not show any active color. I want to make tab active color like the navigation menu active color. Answer you can create class “active-button” and add to your element when get actives. } and when other buttons

URLs attributes BEFORE DOM ready event

I am working on this test page: As you can see there are 2 buttons “_blank” and “_BLANK”, later I’ll explain their purpose. Since I’m editing this page with elementor (wordpress) I am able only to assign to the media gallery (the projects you see) an image and an URL without declaring any HTML. The goal would be to

How can I recreate the clickable image carousel?

My question is how can I recreate the image menu (actually I don’t eve know what’s the proper name) from this site: ? The one at the “Discover friends, family, and purpose” section. Is it possible with elementor only or JS is necessary? Thank you. Answer Best to use a library than create your own. They could be using

Close Elementor Popup with JavaScript

I have a popup created with Elementor that plays a video when opened. I am trying to get it to close after the video if finished (say 90 seconds), but I can’t find how to close an element or Popup with Javascript. I have tried something like this, but as it’s not a click action, just a wait and