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Tag: vuejs2

How to download .js file by JavaScript from an url?

I know this question is asked hundreds of time in this forum, But I’m trying to download a .js file from an url in my Vue 2 application, but it’s not working. Here is what I’m trying: This downloads a file which consists nothing but the url I’ve provided to the axios post request. I’m getting API response like following:

How to handle V-show dynamically

I am trying to build an Ecommerce shopping website. I import data from JSON file and by using v-for loop I am able to print data. There is one section in each order that is Show Order Details option, after clicking it one more section called order details will show. I used v-show tag to open the details section. But

How to force collapse all expansion panels?

I want to force close my expansion panel when I clicked Update How do I programmatically do that ? This is what I have in my update(). Answer Expansion panels can be controlled externally by modifying the v-model. Its value corresponds to a zero-based index of the currently opened expansion panel content. If multiple props are used then it is

Vue 2 html in data object

I tried backticks + signs, everything and I can’t parse the HTML in my data object to the template. Check the screenshot for the issue. Answer OP solved the issue by using the following

stocking api in localStorage on click vuejs

My goal is to store a specific data in the localStorage when I click on a link but log i get is either undefined or absolutely nothing. I am using this API I guess this.categorie.strCategory is incorrect but i really cant figure it out I also tried this.categories.strCategory Answer Try to pass category then save it

Change the output data in a VueJS multiselect

This is a VueJS multiselect html output. It pulls the data from a JSON file via axios. I cannot change the data. I would like to be able to amend the text if possible and hide the blank entry. So instead of ‘BL’, I would like it to display ‘Black’ and instead of ‘BLK’, I would like it to display

How to put variable in span or v-tooltip tag?

I’m using vue 2 with vuetify 2 and there’s occured a problem with displaying data from table. When I’m adding curly braces between v-tooltip tags I’ve getting blank page. Code example below. So I want to display that data from my list like I did in the rest of the code where’s isn’t a span and v-tooltip. adding more code