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Tag: typescript

Type json in React components

I have a dynamic json, for example: And I created interface for this: I have two components: But this return me error: Type “IResult” is not assignable to type ‘string’. in line: <SecondComponent result={result}> What I’m doing wrong? Answer When you pass arguments to a component, it is taken as props. By defining SecondComponent as function SecondComponent(result: IResult) {}, you

how to enable selected cell in angular table?

The cell that is currently been clicked should be the only cell opened and focus, and when I click other cell the previous one should close, right now I can open and click multiple sunsetDate cells at a time which is wrong. How do we handle this in angular? #screenshot #html code #ts code #sample object being passsed when cell

Angular – How to link several typescript files with one template file?

Imagine if you have a typescript file like the following one: I would like to outsource these methods. However, the classes must inherit the properties from ProductAlertsComponent, as it would operate on/with them. So, in a separate file, I would do the following logic: But the template angular file (product-alerts.component.html) would not recognize calculatesAge() and checkIdPermission(). How could I solve

Re-render the particular component based on detected changes

I have 2 simple components. One is parent the other is child. The parent component has an Array, For each element in the Array, It renders the child component. parent.component.ts parent.component.html child.component.ts child.component.html The Problem The current code works just fine. But the issue is if the records of an element change in the array, It re-renders all the children