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Tag: json

SolidJS: “Unrecognized value”

I am able to receive the JSON value from the API path just fine. Flask Code SolidJS The “Go” button sets the web_orders signal to an object with the name data That triggers the cats_matches resource to run fetchCatsMatches() I call {cats_matches()} on the page just to dump the data This shows correctly “[Object object]” if I return a List

Combine JSON objects bases on the same value

I’m looking for a way to combine JSON objects if they have the same address value in them. Building off this Combining JSON Question I have these two sample JSON files. Would love any suggestions thank you so much. Before Combining: After Combining: Sample Code: Answer This solution uses: reduce to create a map of addresses, that contains maps of

Typescript: Define for JSON nested object

I have a nested json object and define a interface for it But when I use it. It appear a warning. What did I do wrong or missing? Answer You didn’t do anything wrong per se. TypeScript just cannot infer whether your menuPermissionForKey is a Menu object or a string array. Ideally, you’d define your Menu type more strictly. Barring

String to JavaScript JSON/Object

I have string like array and object want to convert it to pure javascript object or JSON. My string example: I found a solution converting string to JSON here the result with above solution is: I want the result like: But I’m not able to convert the string with percentage symbol. any help will be appreciated. Answer Just quote