How to update the quantity in my array in the local storage

I’m creating a shopping cart where in if I add to cart, the quantity should be added to the previous quantity. In my case it only sets to a quantity and is not adding. Here is the code that I tried: Answer Just needed a slight modification to the addition logic. You need to check if it already exists in the itemsInCart array before pushing it.

Text Sliders front-end using React

I’m learning basics of react and currently im exploring certain problem statements available on the internet. One such problem statement required me to create a react app for a text slide creator with previous , next and reset buttons. I was able to create till here – My app.js file looks something like this- and my SlideComponent.js looks something like – and my ‘MyComponent.js’ looks something like this – and the JSON file in which i wish to render the text slides from looks something like – I have basic knowledge about states and props and useEffect() components and also

Problem to get some values from json in javascript

I’m trying to get the values ​​from json estimatedDeliveryDate and amount but I have found errors and difficulties to get these values, I tried several ways but none managed to extract the result, if anyone has any tips on how I can do this thank you, follow the code below in javascript plus json for the extraction Answer Arrays are zero-indexed, which means that index 0 is the first element, not 1.

Best way to properly store data in a JSON?

I’m studying about JSON and its use cases. Suppose I have a recipe book and I have the following JSON to store recipes (I apologize if anything is wrong before hand, I’m just starting with this) Say I wanted to add a third recipe, or add a new ingredient to a recipe…I’m wondering what is the best option (code-wise) to add new data into this JSON. Answer First, JSON vs. JS Objects JSON isn’t to be confused with generic objects in JavaScript. JSON is a “lightweight data-interchange format” that does its best to be both easy for humans to read

How can I most easily identify bottlenecks in React render performance?

I’m having an issue with identifying bottlenecks in render performance while working on a JSON viewer. With few elements, it performs well, but at a certain point it becomes annoyingly slow. Checking the profiler, it seems that elements are rendering fast enough, but I’ve noticed a few issues that I’m not sure how to pursue. Overview The app is a JSON viewer which allows you to expand / minimize all elements at once, as well as individual elements. Performance is fine with few elements, but seems to decrease dramatically as the number of elements increases. When profiling both my object

Group results of multiple POST API calls

I use the below script to loop through the input (skipping first one) to post some data to my API. Result How can I capture the combined response of both calls into a variable I can use later on in my script? something like var allNum = res.result.number[0]? This is what I want -> Var allTens = “002, 003″ Script Answer You can declare a variable outside of the .forEach Call that could be used within that “scope”. This variable can just be an array that you append the results to:

Why can’t I access my JavaScript array by index outside of the d3 then function?

The ultimate goal is to create a d3 stacked diverging bar chart. The votesData object is created successfully from the data, but I can only access the data within the d3 then function even though the array is created outside of it? Code: The first set of logs return the array and the first object as expected but the second set of logs (outside the d3 then) return the votesData object, but when trying to access the first index of the object it returns “undefined”. Why? And how would I iterate through that object outside of the d3 then function?

Why does the decoder not sort by IDs

I’m attempting to have the app get the js file and load the list in order of ID’s first. Videolist+ViewModel.swift VideoDetails+VideoModel.swift VideoUseCase.swift Response.swift what I do not understand is why it randomizes the ID’s it continues to generate random sets of videos in different orders. I’ve attempted everything from videos.sorted to recoding from scratch. Answer adding this line to VideoList.swift fixed the sorting

array.list.concat() is removing two elements in json

I am trying to store two new elements into a json object which is called shirt, it is created by filtering from my database like below: I then use states and create colors and size and create two elements for the two in the json object shirts as below: but if i console.log(shirts) i get this response: and if i console.log(newList) after using concat i get: I then set a state equal to newList like this and send it up to a parent element, but i need to determine the color and size of each item the user selects so

Insert Variable from jQuery Into JSON Schema Markup

I’m trying to get the meta description and copy the content of it into some JSON schema markup. But I’m not sure how to get it to pass the variable into to the JSON structure correctly. Here’s what I was thinking: I understand that it’s not going to fully pass the desc variable directly into the JSON markup since it’s within separate script tags. I’m just not sure how to combine the two so that it works correctly. Hope that makes sense and open to any suggestions. Answer Build the schema first then inject it in.