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Tag: axios

Pulling and displaying API data to tailwind cards

could someone help on how to get all data from this console log? I am trying to display all the details in individual tailwind cards but not sure how to get the data. Thank you for your time. It works and I get the results below in console. when I tried console.log ( for example, it gives an error “Parsing

Error: Attribute selector didn’t terminate

I’m trying to scrape data on the transfermarket website, but it’s giving me the error I posted. I’m using Javascript, Cheerio and Axios. The error it gave: Answer This line is the error: AllElements[1] is not a string, so its probably turning into “[object Object]” You should write

Why i’m getting error while install axios

package.json file package.json I have run this command This is the error that I’m getting while installing axios Answer It seems there are some version conflicts in the packages it’s better to fix conflicts but if it doesn’t matter and does not make any problem, you can install it using npm install axios –force

Why I can get and api data with fetch and not with axios?

I got this test code: I’m trying to understand why readWithFetch works fine and axios gets connection refused. It’s a simple basic auth… nothing fancy. I’ve tried all these readWithAxios versions: version 1 version 2 version 3 version 4 What is the correct way to write readWithAxios ? Answer You have a triple slash in https:///geolite in the Axios versions.

How to read the content of an Axios post response?

When I send the same POST request with a cURL command, I get this as response: When I add the POST request in my code and print it with console.log(“response: “, response); or console.log(“response: “,; , I get this printed How can I see the content of the response printed in my logs? Answer You can use console.log(“response: “,

Send data to server using Axios VueJs

It is necessary to send data to the server in the required format, I don’t understand how to organize it correctly, the same JSON structure. You must send when attaching a file (@change), the file itself and a comment. Here is what I was able to do Answer Change the code like this: