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Tag: onclick

Mouse release triggers ‘onClick’ event

Suppose I have the following React component: where #modal is the parent and #modal_content is the children. Clicking on #modal would close the modal. Because of that #modal_content stops the propogation so only clicking on #modal actually closes the modal. And now the problem: If I press down the mouse while it’s over #modal_content and then release the mouse when

Change button value on ajax success

I want to be able to change the value of the button from “Submit” to “Submitted” when ajax succeeds. This works np. But I want it to work when the button is not clicked…In other words the button value “submit” should get changed to “Submitted” when ajax succeeds without the need to click the button again. Any help would be

Toggle div only when button clicked

jQuery newbie here, I’m hoping someone can help. I have a function when a div with the class .ventures-minorities is clicked, it changes height onclick to show / hide .logos-wrapper – and the button with the class .expander toggles text accordingly – “Learn more” to “Close” – when clicked. The button and div is working and toggling as expected, but

Pass onClick to each image using map function

I am looking to pass an onClick function to each image element created using the map function. So that when a user clicks the thumbnail image it changes the main image to the thumbnail that was clicked. Right now however it seems like the onClick function is being called without even being clicked and the image that is displayed is

On an onClick event in a React function component, should I pass a function by reference or make an anonymous function?

I found this question but it doesn’t answer my specific case, because the answers are old, don’t answer all my questions in this post and in that case they only pass the event variable to the function, but in my case I might want to pass a different type of value, like a string: React performance: anonymous function vs named