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Tag: html-table

Show JSON data in table in selectbox

There is a JSON data and I have displayed each key value as a column in the table. I want to export data from JSON to each column as a selectbox. i.e. I want to show all corresponding values ​​of “country” in JSON as selectbox in COUNTRY column. My JSON data My Javascript How can i edit? Answer Do you

Get cell Value of Table html

I have this code (opt1) to get the text of the cell, which is clicked, but this alerts all of the objects in the table as its in a loop. But when I place it outside the loop I just get a random text from the table and not the one which is clicked (opt2). I need the textContent of

How to use javascript to insert tags in tables

I’m trying to find a way to insert html element tags into a table structure. There are often multiple tables in an html page so I dynamically create and insert an ID for each table which works fine. However, when I try to insert specific html elements into the different portions of the table I get nothing but errors or