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Get image from object and display on HTML

I want to get an image from an object in JavaScript and display it via HTML. The text parts are working fine, like the movie name etc., but I cannot see my image. The only thing I see is black_adam.jpg as text. The image is in the same folder as my index.html. I tried to add a slash in front

Google Image search weird issue

Im trying to do a google search by image url using this link, it works for most websites(?), but not all Here’s the issue, lets take this picture for example the link would be But when I open it I get : The URL doesn’t refer to an image or the image is not publicly accessible. However, if

how to expand an image on click with JS?

I created a gallery using the following codepen and now I’m trying to add the function click to expand an image, using this JS method. Sadly I cannot get it to work. Any advice would be very helpful, either regarding this expand option or an alternative. Mind you I’m completely new to JS. Thanks in advance! Answer So after asking

React img onError not firing

I am trying to use a third-party API for getting YouTube thumbnails with higher resolution, which sometimes fails with code 404. If I fail to fetch the image, I would like to replace the src with the default YouTube thumbnail retrieved using its own API (I have the url stored in a json). When I tried to implement this using

Sending a profile picture from react frontend to flask-restful backend and storing

I want to store profile pictures on the file system (images/{username}_pfp.{extension} and store its location in the database as a string. My frontend react code is and my flask backend code is I have gotten the bits of code relevant to this from multiple sources (Flask – Get the name of an uploaded file minus the file extension, When