How to map data in react on Radio button click?

Iam trying to display data in react js. Whenever user selects a radio button the data in the api should be displayed according to option selected by the user. i have mapped my radio button component. …

Array of products arrange by category

I’m trying to arrange this array of products by categories. For now, I get the count of each category but I can’t figure out how to make this two dimension array output. This is my code for now: Answer You can group elements by reducing over the array using an object to store elements belonging to each category. To get the grouped categories, we can use Object.values.

Write nested map function

I have an object like this: Expected output : And I already wrote a function like this: I can write another function to flatten the output of the code above, but is there any other way to write the code above into a more general function (not hardcoded) that can apply to any object? Answer You can use a recursive function to get all permutations from the entries.

How to dynamically populate list items in React

I’m setting up an image slider with thumbnail slider using this plugin in React.js: If I add the <li>s statically it works perfectly fine: However if I try to load the content dynamically, the inline styles that are dynamically calculated and added by the plugin code won’t be added to both ul and li elements (i.e width: 210px; margin-right: 5px; float: left; display: block;) This is how I do it: Answer According to the link that you gave, the plugin requires initialization. Where are you doing your initialization? I would recommend doing the initialization in the componentDidMount life cycle