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Tag: mapping

Calling async function in .map() (React)

I’m trying to iterate over IDs ( and for each of them fetch some data (based on those IDs) from API (getBPM()). I’m pretty sure it’s connected with Promises and I’m not very fluent with these yet. Here’s the code: I’ve tried some things, but couldn’t get it to work. I’d appreciate any kind of help Answer When you call

How to entirely level (map / reduce / recursion) a nested object of unknown depth in the most efficient manner?

I would like to do something like the following but in a more large scale and efficient way. Assume I have an array of objects where each object needs to be leveled/flattened. Convert something like this … … to that … As is shown above, address as well is an object which needs to be leveled/flattened. But most importantly, one

Pass onClick to each image using map function

I am looking to pass an onClick function to each image element created using the map function. So that when a user clicks the thumbnail image it changes the main image to the thumbnail that was clicked. Right now however it seems like the onClick function is being called without even being clicked and the image that is displayed is