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Tag: events

Plus point on each click

I am making a game with img´s each time that the user clic on the correct img win 100 points but i dont get the summations of the points i dont know why The final score still 0 HTML JS Answer I have made the finalScore as global variable and moved the logic to a function. It is working as

Multiple Buttons with their own Events in ReactJS

What would be the best way to handle multiple buttons that show/hide their respective DIVs. Example of the Code I have below. As you can see it’s set to handle just the first button. I need a method to continually add more buttons that show/hide their own DIVs. Example: When Button(A) is clicked DIV(A) fades in. If Button(A) is clicked

Mouse release triggers ‘onClick’ event

Suppose I have the following React component: where #modal is the parent and #modal_content is the children. Clicking on #modal would close the modal. Because of that #modal_content stops the propogation so only clicking on #modal actually closes the modal. And now the problem: If I press down the mouse while it’s over #modal_content and then release the mouse when

focus() on element triggers keyup event

Can someone explain to me, why calling the focus() method on an element, triggers that elements keyup event, when the focus() method is called from an click event handler, but that handler is triggered by a keypress? Above is an example, that you can try out yourself. The expexted behaviour for me is, that when clicking or hitting enter on

Oninput event not triggering in HTA using JavaScript

I’m learning JavaScript using some examples I’ve found online. And in working on an HTA I’ve come a cropper trying to work out why the “oninput” event won’t trigger. I’ve included the relevant code below to demonstrate my issue. Please note I’m using Edge compatibility in the meta tag. I would appreciate any information on what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.