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Tag: event-handling

How to change the data stored in LocalStorage when clicking on element in react?

I am creating to-do app in react, and storing the data in localstorage,when user click on particular task it is mark completed, for that purpose i have “complete” boolean property for all task in i want to change that property onclick of that particular task,How to achieve this?.Here is the code link : Answer I suggest you make

JS remove event listener with no condition?

I have the following code As you can see the resize event listener recursively calls setSize(). I did this so that I could handle initial size setup and window resizing in the same function. The problem is that every recurse will add an additional eventListener, rather than replacing the last. So I need to remove the resize event listener on

JS event listeners stop working during item drag, only fire after pointerup and subsequent mousemove

I am having trouble getting event listeners to fire when the actual event occurs. I have created a drag-and-drop system that sets a variable hoveringOverTarget = true on pointerover of the target, listens for pointerdown on an image, and then calls a function on pointerup to check if it’s been released over the target. However, during dragging of the image,