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Tag: event-handling

Can’t access the class variables from a event handler

I am making a web application for arranging seats, and I have written these codes: However, console.log(seatContainerConector); just gives me back undefined. I have tried to delete const seatContainerConector = this.seatContainer; and use console.log(this.seatContainer); instead, but it didn’t work. How can I solve this? Answer Your code is hard to debug since you leave out some essential elements, like new

Im trying to add an onClick function on the button so if the user clicks Yes, it removes the two buttons then add two new inputs field react js

this is the first code with the buttons elements while this is where the button component is called and rendered, i think this is where the logic will happen export default RightBody; again what I want to do is that onClick of the yes button, I want to display two input fields instead of the two buttons originally there. Theres

javascript stop click event on mousemove

i have a draggable parent with click events on the children. i want to cancel/abort/stop the click event of the child when it’s starting to get dragged, but also don’t want do stop any parent events. Since i don’t use a lot of jQuery, i’d be very thankful for a vanilla javascript solution. sorry for this newbie question, but i

How to recover/pass event Object between functions in JavaScript

I’m trying to understand how the “event” object is passed and recovered between functions. It was my understanding that event is passed by default as an argument and after seeing the example below it’s confusing me even more how this works. How “…args” is getting the event object? Answer Here, checkActivity(MyFunc) is being executed before adding the event listener and