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Change button value on ajax success

I want to be able to change the value of the button from “Submit” to “Submitted” when ajax succeeds. This works np. But I want it to work when the button is not clicked…In other words the button value “submit” should get changed to “Submitted” when ajax succeeds without the need to click the button again. Any help would be

Can’t move button with CSS

I have wanted to make a button that is aligned horizontally underneath the text that says “Bubbles”. I have tried flex already and in the snippet I try it with transform but regardless of what I try I wont get the desired outcome. So please Help! Whole code Answer Since you’ve got the container class but aren’t actually using it,

Change default color of button in Next.js

I am having a problem changing default color of buttons in Next.JS Web Application. It’s button text color is grey when I see it in google chrome in Desktop, but looks blue when I open it using my Mobile chrome browser. I want to make the button text color as grey in both of them. The way of customizing the

Changing the text after clicking a button in a modal

May I know how to solve my problem, how will it work if you click the button then the confirm button then the text “Hello” will change to a “Hi” word? I tried my best to solve it but I still can not know how to figure my problem that is why I am asking for a help. Answer

addEventListener to all buttons using forEach

I am trying to addEventListener to all of my buttons. This is my first time using addEventListener and it is not running the usergetNumber function which should display a random number when any button is clicked. Answer From top to bottom. There’s already a function usergetNumber() { … } declaration in addEventListener(). It’s a function declaration not a callback here.

Is there a way to set the first element in this .map method to a default class on load?

I am currently rendering three buttons using a .map method in React. The buttons are being pulled from an array in a useState. When clicked, the buttons have a .active class added to them. How can I set the first element to have the .active class when the page is first loaded? Current Code: Tried setting the first activeObject

Loading spinner disables HTML5 required attribute

I have submit button (bootstrap) where i submit some data from input fields to my PHP query. I have added to this submit button a loading spinner after the button has been clicked by the user. Since i have added the spinner id to the button the HTML attribute for “required” is not longer working. It does not indicate the