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Tag: onclick

Show/hide ‘div’ using JavaScript

For a website I’m doing, I want to load one div, and hide another, then have two buttons that will toggle views between the div using JavaScript. This is my current code The second function that replaces div2 is not working, but the first one is. Answer How to show or hide an element: In order to show or hide

Alert box shows form data when clicking button

I am looking to create a button at the bottom of a form that will create an alert box that will show the form data entered. Form includes: First Name Last Name Address 1 Address 2 City State Zip Phone Fax Once the form is completed, the button is clicked and an alert box pops up showing the form data

Changing button text onclick

When I click on myButton1 button, I want the value to change to Close Curtain from Open Curtain.HTML: Javascript: The button is displaying open curtain right now and I want it to change to close curtain, is this correct? Answer If I’ve understood your question correctly, you want to toggle between ‘Open Curtain’ and ‘Close Curtain’ — changing to the

image rotation script

So I have this script that will rotate images located in a directory, which works great. However, it requires a refresh of the page in order to rotate the image. Is there a way I can modify this to have it rotate the image when the image itself is clicked? Thanks in advance HTML: PHP: Answer Update: this is very