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How to search for string in any order

I have a .js file with an array of strings inside. Let’s say one of my arrays has the string “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. I can search “The quick brown fox” and it will display the string in my array which has that value. But if I were to search “The quick fox jumps lazy

Google Image search weird issue

Im trying to do a google search by image url using this link, it works for most websites(?), but not all Here’s the issue, lets take this picture for example the link would be But when I open it I get : The URL doesn’t refer to an image or the image is not publicly accessible. However, if

Search by post title wordpress without reflesh

I want to create wordpress search by title without refleshing page. New results have to be shown when more than 3 symbols are typed in search. I’ve got input with form: But when I’m typing – value of input is not changing. How can I search posts after typing 3 symbols if I cannot get input.value.length? Also how can I

How to implement a ‘contains’ search in JavaScript

I’m creating a search box that allows you to search for different companies. I’d like the search box to perform a ‘contains’ search. For example, let’s say that I want to look up the company ExxonMobil Oil Corp. Typing in any of the following should include the company in the list of results (this isn’t exhaustive): oil corp oil corp

how to implement search API in react native

I have Text Input like this Now I have func like this this is my API calling code Now my question is Result is searing and showing correctly as I started typing in text box. But I remove all text from text input by back pressing keyboard button. then It should show all result. But it only showing That keyword

Search within a table

I have a table on a page and I need to search within it i.e., like a filter….when i type within the search it should filter the results from the table Need JavaScript code for the same as not an expert. enter code here Answer An simple example of filtering using classname filter-items. You may apply the logic in