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Tag: material-ui

How to implement MUI skeleton on API response data?

I am using material-ui skeleton (Shimmer effect) on data which is coming from API. Output is given below : As you can see, I received 3 objects from API. So will run 3 times. My question is, How can I implement mui skeleton while API is under process ? How can show shimmer effect while API is under process

Change number format and get it as a number

I am using MUI and Formik to create form. I need to change numbers format in the all inputs: 1000.00 -> 1.000,00 A created function formatNumber(num) to do this, it works. But problem is that it returns string, and my API wait number (I can do nothing with that). I tried to use react-number-format but it also returns string. So

Swipeable Drawer to open with onClick function (material ui)

Problem faced: In the documentation’s code (, the drawer is triggered and opens when the “Open” button is clicked at the top. However, I want the drawer to be triggered and opened when the drawer is clicked instead. (onClick function) What I’ve tried: I’ve tried attaching the onClick function to StyledBox and SwipeableDrawer components ( but the onClick function is