Too long title slide the menu button to the right outside of the card

I have a problem with MuiCardHeader For some reason too long title or subtitle slide the menu button to the right outside the card. How can I prevent it? Result I need Here is code sandbox UPD: Solution Add the following code to .MuiCardHeader-content class Thanks to everyone for help! Answer You need to restrict the parent with text-overflow: ellipsis, overflow: hidden and white-space: nowrap So in your case you just have to add .MuiTypography-noWrap to the parent .MuiCardHeader-content

Behaviour of a function in useEffect when different browser tab is active

I have a weird issue. I’ve created a function that aims to reset the Linearprogress element after 60 seconds. Then, I have a render of linear progress element like this : Now the weird part : when Im looking at my app all looks normal, after 60 seconds the bar resets to start and that repeats on. However, when I change the active tab in the browser just after resetting and come back in 55 seconds ( the bar should be near the end ) – the bar is in the middle. It looks like the useeffect doesnt re-execute the

How to add pagination to a long list using React MaterialUI?

I am using react + materialUI for implementing a list and filter functionality. The list is expected to be populated from an Http request and can have large number of list items. So for this reason, I was looking into pagination in MaterialUI documentation but no clear implementation is there. I want to provide my list and hope the pagination component to break the data and show over multiple pages. This is the link to materialUI component: Any help on how to proceed with this? Picture of the List view. Edit: I want to implement list item as a

Rotate label – Material UI button

I’ve got a button like this (material-ui): I need to rotate the label (90 degrees). Can someone help me please? Thanks Answer Then you may want to change the height of the button too. Something like this for the root: