OnClick thumbnails – load image

I have a simple image gallery of about 25-30 photos with a thumbnails strip What i want is to load only the image that i click the thumbnail for not to wait until all the 25-30 photos are loaded because it slows down my website. Any ideas how to do that? Answer First, put all 25-30 photos on the page in a way that won’t load them; the simplest way is to give them a CSS style of display:none. Then, put all your thumbnails on the page, and add jQuery logic like: $(‘.thumbnail’).on(‘click’, function() {…. The click handling function can

Photoswipe opens only first or second image

I need to have every two of images in gallery embed with extra

. I managed Photoswipe to use all images in that gallery. But I can’t fix problem: when I click on any thumb (not first or …