Require non-static image in React Native

I have a special folder with images in my React Native application. Path to these pictures is stored in the special object that is passed as prop to the Card component. So, I can’t use require, because it uses only static path string. How can I use load these images from my props? There is my try: Answer As your images are local better create a json object by requiring the images like below And you can set the url like below

Find remaining indexes and storing them as values

I’m making a small game. You have to find the ball under a randomized cup. First the images are stored in a nodeList. Then the winning cup is calculated randomly from the length of the nodeList. My problem: After the random value for winningCup has been calculated I don’t know how to find the other two indexes from the ‘images’ nodeList. How can I calculate for two values that AREN’T the randomized winningCup’s value? My thought was to issue some kind of check, but I’m not sure what to check for. My goal for this is to have the two

Vue.js assets file path when using v-for

I’ve just started using Vue.js, it’s simple enough accessing the assets folder when loading a static img such as my logo: however, I’m using v-for to create several list items using sample data, this is my template: and this is the sample data declared within the same .vue file: My problem is that the imgs all 404 which seems weird since the same path works on static imgs. If I use an absolute path such as this it works Having looked through the documentation I found this Which might explain it but I’ve tried each method suggested without any

Easiest way to get list of files in the server directory

I need to get array of all images (or simply of all files) in directory (e.g. I prefer to use JavaScript but it’s hard to make. So should I use PHP, meybe? Could you please …

How do you get the file size of an image on the web page with Javascript?

I’d like to be able to get the file size on an image on a webpage. So let’s say I have an image on the page (that has loaded) like this: How do I call a function in Javascript (or, even better, …

JS – get image width and height from the base64 code

I have a base64 img encoded that you can find here. How can I get the height and the width of it?

Waiting for image to load in JavaScript

I’m making an Ajax call which returns me some info including an image path. I prepare all this information in my HTML which will be displayed as a kind of popup. I just toggle the visibility of by popup div from hidden to visible. To set the position of my popup div, I have to calculate depending on the height of the image. So, I have to wait for the image to load to know its dimension before setting position and switching visibility to visible. I tried tricks with recursion, setTimeout, complete img property, while loop… without success. So, how