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Tag: selenium

How to escape a sup tag in xpath selector

I want to extract the text content from the below HTML tag, but the <sup> tag is preventing me from getting the desired text. The text I want to extract is simply (4:6, 6:7). how can I extract this text at the same time escaping the <sup> tag. I tried this “//p/text()”, but I am only getting the part before

change image src using selenium webdriver

I have a project in where I want to upload image to image tag in web page using upload box , I can do that by selenium web driver by opening the upload box then writing the image path then pressing open .I tried to ignore the upload box by changing the image attribute “src” but I could not do

Can’t Find Javascript href Link in Python Webscrape

I’m trying to webscrape this site: Using the Selenium package, with Google Chrome as my browser, I’m able to open it up, choose some settings, and then run a search. I’m encountering an error because there are 21 pages of information, and I need to gather all of it, however with my code I am unable to find the