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Tag: macos

Stylelint skips entire folders

I have stylelint installed in my project, and I’ve configured its configuration. I added a script to run this linter on my src folder. For some reason, the linter scans only one folder. Here is my configuration file stylelint.config.js: This is the script: “stylelint”: “stylelint –f verbose src/**/*.scss”, My src folder has a lot of .scss files. But this script

AppleScript Hash Symbol (#) in URL

I have this Automator AppleScript to translate texts. It works, but only with one word. If I select two words or more to translate, it changes the hash (#) in the URL to %23, like this and I get a 404 Not Found. Answer I’d use ‘Listing 32-7 AppleScriptObjC: Handler that URL encodes text’ from Encoding and Decoding Text.