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Tag: java

Global not defined when running a JS script in a Java application

I have a js script which I want to execute in my Java application. I have tried to use the Chromedriver API to do this But it throws the following exception: I am so confused because the script can simply run with node xx.js Does this mean the js which uses the global object cannot execute in a Java application?

JavaScript validation for username and password not working in html file

I am creating a program called “Login & Sign-up Form”. The program involve Java Servlet, HTML, CSS which are working fine and JavaScript which i am having problem. I am using JavaScript to validate the username, password and email before submitting them. However, when i click on the “Submit” button, it directly goes to page showing “log @ register success”

How to distribute passengers to flights using Javascript

I’ve got a project I’m working on that deals with managing flights and passenger numbers. I’m currently stuck implementing the function below, any suggestions for how I could go about this would be excellent, what I currently have is below which I don’t think is correct, thanks again. Question: In the Passengers() function, write a distributeAllSeatsToAllPassengers() function that receives as