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Tag: web-scraping

Mouse click event not working as expected

I’m trying to search for a contact in Whatsapp Web search bar, first I want to focus in search bar and then enter the contact to execute the search. I’m selecting the div with: Dispatch event returns true but has no effect in search box Answer You can just use element.focus() or, whichever better fits the goal (if you

Puppeteer , bringing back blank array

I’m trying to grab products from ebay and open them on amazon. So far, I have them being searched on amazon but I’m struggling with getting the products selected from the search results. Currently its outputting a blank array and im not sure why. Have tested in a separate script without the grabTitles and the for loop. So im guessing

Can’t Find Javascript href Link in Python Webscrape

I’m trying to webscrape this site: Using the Selenium package, with Google Chrome as my browser, I’m able to open it up, choose some settings, and then run a search. I’m encountering an error because there are 21 pages of information, and I need to gather all of it, however with my code I am unable to find the