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Selenium how to get hidden value inside html which is not showing in the html element

I working on one site where I found an input field value like

enter image description here

Here value Hotel rupdia is coming automatically from Database. But when I inspect the element I have found not set any value. And I am not sure how can read this text from here using selenium. As value not stored in any attribute or value

Here is the Html

<fieldset class="form-group position-relative outline-none" id="__BVID__458"><div tabindex="-1" role="group" class="bv-no-focus-ring"><input name="name" type="text" placeholder="Property name" autocomplete="new-password" class="form-control is-valid" inputmode="text" id="__BVID__459"><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><div class="invalid-tooltip">  </div><!----><!----><!----></div></fieldset>

Can anyone face this type of issue? And help me to find out the solution?



Use this xpath



String val = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//div[@class='bv-no-focus-ring']//input[@name='name']")).getAttribute("value"); 

and print this val, Also remember to put some sleep before using this code.

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