Connecting NodeJS app to SignalR (with .NET Core 3)

I have a server running SignalR using .NET Core 3. The project was started with the template and I followed a guide ( I have created a clone of the project, and can successfully connect to the server and can receive messages as expected. This also means I added CORS. I want to be able to use SignalR in a Node JS environment, but the connection stucks at “Negotiation” I have created a brand new folder, ran npm init -y and npm i @microsoft/signalr. Created a new js file called main.js, which looks like this: after running it with node

Text does not show in html input date on a modal form

Problem: the Enter Date field of the modal form does not populate with data. I have a modal form that opens up when I click on Edit on a record line. When the form opens up the “Enter Date” date does not fill up with the pre-existing date from the main screen, instead it populates with “mm/dd/yyyy”. All other fields get populated with their respective data. How can I make that Enter Date field populate with data from the record? FYI, everything works fine, except when I click on update since the Enter Date field does not populate I get

What is the JavaScript equivalent of C++ std::flush?

I am trying to port one of the programs I’ve written in my own programming language to the web using WebAssembly. However, I’ve run into a problem. Namely, one of my programs is supposed to print all the permutations of the digits of a number entered by the user. You can see the live version. The problem is that, when you enter some number with a relatively large number of digits, such as “1234567”, even though the program starts finding permutations almost immediately, and prints them immediately into innerHTML, the browser doesn’t display any permutations at all until all of

cefsharp cannot play audio by javascript

I am writing a dictionary program using CefSharp by C#. When the dictionary page(i.e.[Longman-love][1]) is loaded I want it could play its pronounce automatically(by clicking the pronouce icon using JavaScript). Here are related codes: C# part: JavaScript part(I copyed it from web and added some ‘alert’s for debugging the program): The last alert sentence alert(‘will play’); showed but I could not hear anything. However,when I clicked the audio icon directly in the CefSharp browser, it could play the pronounce. How could I fix this problem? I am not a native English speaker, I hope you can understand me. Many thanks!

jQuery to pass data in Ajax call to MVC action method

I have two lists (list-left and list-right) prepared and populate. Then I have this JS code to move elements from one list to another. And it works fine. But honestly I don’t know how to pass the result back to codebehind when user clicks the submit button on the form? This is my cshtml code: And my controller: The [HttpPost] Edit action requires RoleModification object with two arrays of strings (changes on the lists -> it is now based on previous solution without jquery). It would be also suitable to have only one list-right passed. Answer and your controller muset