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Tag: c#

change image src using selenium webdriver

I have a project in where I want to upload image to image tag in web page using upload box , I can do that by selenium web driver by opening the upload box then writing the image path then pressing open .I tried to ignore the upload box by changing the image attribute “src” but I could not do

OnClick inside anything on Modal crash it

First of all, excuse me for my level of english and for beign baerly new on this. I have this, it is a modal with a 2 gridsviews, a textbox and three buttons as you can see. The table i am hidding has a list of information from a sql data base. Appears Modal Whenever i click on a function

C# Replacing weirdness

I have an annoying problem with replacing in C#. I have an array with what letter i should to replace with: That’s basically a file output that splits to array Next a have this loop: That should replace it right, according to the JS Can you help me re-writing this exact thing but with C#? I don’t know what to

How can I mimic a Javascript “spread operator” in C#?

I am following a tutorial on Dynamic Programming on youtube to understand more about Recursive functions, and I am stuck where a spread operator is used. Code in JavaScript This is the code in C# where I’m trying to replicate the function EDIT: Should I use a Dictionary and use a key? I don’t understand how to work my way

DataTables Requested unknown parameter ‘PageId’

I am running into the following error trying to load DataTables Objects data ( Below is example json data I am recieving from my C# SchemaReport/GetReportJson controller and being used in JQuery ajax success callback to initialize my DataTables: DataTables HTML: JQuery ajax and DataTables init script: I noticed that after acknowledging the error DataTables loads as following and stating

Cannot Move Divs in Blazor

I have a Blazor Server App with the following DIV tags I attempted to set the Height, Width, and X/Y coordinates using the code samples from this page – but that never worked and simply threw an uncaught exception no matter where I placed Try… blocks. I then moved to a more straightforward JS call: If I make this